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1. VLBApls home page
... We have imaged with milliarcsecond resolution at 5 GHz 374 strong flat-spectrum radio sources north of declination -44 using the VLBA in June 1996. ... The data were processed with the NRAO AIPS software package and the Caltech Difmap package. ... The VLBApls source sample . ... Click on the J2000 IAU name (in the left column) or the alternative name (mostly B1950 IAU names, in the right column) to get more information on a source, including coordinates, redshift, VLBApls images and model components...
[ Сохраненная копия ]  Ссылки -- 45.8 Кб -- 08.05.2001
[ Сохраненная копия ]  Ссылки -- 45.8 Кб -- 08.05.2001
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