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1. Phil Plait's Bad Astronomy: Bitesize Astronomy
... Bad Astronomy . ... Bitesize Astronomy . ... Bad Astro Store . ... Site Info . ... It is from from Voyager 1 and shows a whopping big impact crater dominating the profile of the moon. Note that Mimas is about 400 kilometers across (about 250 miles). ... The wall around the crater is 5 kilometers high, and that central peak rises 6 kilometers above the surface (many impact craters have a large central peak which is caused by a pressure rebound from the impact). ... 2008 Phil Plait. ...
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2. Cosmic Decoders: More About Deep Space Objects and Cosmic Terms Astronomical
Astronomical Society . ... Amateur Astronomy . ... Astronomy Travel . ... The formation of the objects we can see in space, including stars, nebulae , and the objects that are actually collections of other objects (e.g., star clusters and galaxies ), started with these raw materials. ... You can see the red glow of hydrogen on many of the cards in the Cosmic Decoders Card Set . ... The term dust in astronomy simply means individual grains of solid material (denser collections of atoms and molecules ). ...
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