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1. ASP: National Astronomy Education Projects
home education > resources . SEARCH ASP SITE: Match ALL words Match ANY word . ... Again, we note that only projects or educational organizations are listed, not simply commercial producers of video. ... Ken Brecher at Boston University is also a leader of this project, but contact the Education Dept. at the Center for Astrophysics; address on last page.) . ... NASA Imagine the Universe Project (formerly the High Energy Astrophysics Learning Center): . ...
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2. Apollo.html.document
... For those who remember Apollo, the story is a poignant one. ... Click on this icon if you would like to see a collection of snapshots of actual pages from the"Apollo 11 at Twenty-Five" Electronic PictureBook. ... The Apollo 11 at Twenty-Five Electronic PictureBook is a HyperCardЁ stack designed to run on a color MacintoshЁ computer with at least 2.5 megabytes of available RAM, sufficient hard disk space to contain the Electronic Picturebook, System 7.0, and HyperCard 2.1 or HyperCard Player 2.1. ...
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