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1. ASP: Black Holes
The radius of the event horizon of a black hole with the mass of the Sun would be about 3 kilometers, about the same size as your city, town or village. If the Earth could be compressed into a black hole, the radius of its event horizon would be 1/330,000 of this, because the mass of the Earth is 1/330,000 times the mass of the Sun. ... 30,000,000 . ... 20,000 . ... Black hole event horizon . ... MYTH: All stars collapse to become black holes upon their death. ... MYTH: Black holes are very dense. ...
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2. SPUTNIK home page
... Schedule IKI RAN Data Acquisition, Processing and Dissemination Center . SRC "Planeta" Data Acquisition, Processing and Dissemination Center . Sea Surface Temperature Adriatic Sea . Baltic Sea . Barents Sea . Black Sea . ... Composite Image of Cloudiness Russia . ... Regional Archive (only cloudless data) . ... Operative Regional Archive (all data for last 3 days) . ... NOAA Data on other Servers (about Russia) . For more information send a mail to: . ...
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3. Black Holes
... The event horizon is the boundary of a black hole) . ... When the supermassive star implodes (collapses under it?s own gravity) a black hole is formed. Many black holes have been found in the centres of galaxies. ... It was thought that black holes don?t give out any energy at all (except when engulfing stars). ... It is thought that as the stars pass near to the centre, they are pulled in by the black hole and forced to remain orbiting around the black hole. ...
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4. Active galaxies and black holes
Black holes . ... Black holes are objects for which the gravitational attraction is so strong that nothing, not even light, can escape from it. ... The material inside a black hole is concentrated into a singularity: a single point of infinitely high density where space and time are infinitely distorted. ... The existence of such black holes has been inferred in cases where the black hole pulls gas of a companion star that orbits around it. ... Gravity's Fatal Atraction: Black Holes in The Universe. ...
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5. APOD Index - Stars: Black Holes
Today's APOD | ... Editor's choices for the most educational Astronomy Pictures of the Day about black holes: . ... If alone, a black hole would indeed appear quite black, but many black hole candidates are part of binary star systems . So how does a black hole binary system look different from a neutron star binary system ? ... A black hole system so equipped would appear much darker than a similar neutron star system. ... APOD: 2004 February 24 - X-Rays Indicate Star Ripped Up by Black Hole . ...
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6. Самокат Micro Black - Micro - Micro Black Зеркало в багетной раме evoform
... title=' Самокат Micro Black - Micro - MicroBlack' border='0' align='left' width='120' style='margin-right: 20px;' hspace='7' vspace='5'/> На самокате Micro Black могут кататься дети от 7-ми лет, но и взрослые. ... Как отмечают обладатели этого средства передвижения, катание по городским улицам на самокате Micro Black не только доставляет удовольствие и позволяет размяться, но и помогает быстрее добраться до нужного места, если нет желания ехать в тесном городском транспорте. ... Размер: 62x152 см . ...
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7. Pink Black Holes: Frequently Asked Questions
... We have measured this "redshift" for the pink black holes, and allowed for it in our calculations. ... We see this effect in the emission from gas around these pink black holes, but it is far too small an effect to account for the pinkness. Thus the swirling motions of gas around or into the black holes cannot produc the colour. ... At first we thought that these things were normal blue black holes hidden behind clouds of interstellar dust, that absorbed the blue light and made them appear pink. ...
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8. (S-7a) The Black Hole at the Center of our Galaxy
... Our Sun is part of a huge wheel-shaped collection of stars. ... Astronomers have long suspected it was a very massive black hole, and that every galaxy had such a central mass, created early in the history of the universe. ... However, unless that object happens to be headed directly at the black hole (a relatively small target) it will just swing around and fly away again, like a comet making a pass at the Sun. The velocity acquired in falling towards the black hole also helps it escape. ...
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9. Black Hole Creation in Massive Binary Systems
Next: Binary Radiopulsars with Black Up: Black Holes in Binaries Previous: Black Holes in Binaries . Two different types of stellar BH formation exist: (1) direct core collapse   of a massive star and (2) AIC of a NS. A BH of the first type presumably will have a mass comparable to that of the collapsing star and can be born both from a single star and in a binary system. ... Next: Binary Radiopulsars with Black Up: Black Holes in Binaries Previous: Black Holes in Binaries Mike E. Prokhorov . ...
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10. Spin up of a Supermassive Black Hole
... Spin up of a Supermassive Black Hole . ... This prediction was tested recently by NASA's NuSTAR and ESA's XMM satellites by observing the supermassive black hole at the center of spiral galaxy NGC 1365 . ... Since matter randomly falling into the black hol e should not spin up a black hole this much, the NuSTAR and XMM measurements also validate the existence of the surrounding accretion disk . ... Publications with keywords: black hole - accretion disk . ... Two Black Holes Merge . ...
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11. Evidences of supercritical accretion onto black hole in SS433
... SS433 is a close binary system, one star is a supergiant, a second one is a black hole. ... Even a black hole cannot accept such an enormous mass flux, a supercritical accretion disk appears, all the excess gas glows up to several tens of thousands degrees and is ejected off the disk with enormous velocities. ... SAO researchers have found an evidence of the supercritical accretion onto a black hole in SS433, which follows from a brightness variability of the SS433 disk. ...
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