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1. mod_so - Apache HTTP Server
Modules | ... Apache HTTP Server Version 2.2 . Apache > HTTP Server > Documentation > Version 2.2 > Modules . ... Source File: . ... Because Apache for Windows does not have the Configure program of Apache for Unix, the module's source file must be added to the ApacheCore project file, and its symbols must be added to the os\win32\modules.c file. The second way is to compile the module as a DLL, a shared library that can be loaded into the server at runtime, using the LoadModule directive. ...
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2. Doug Burke's Perl/S-Lang pages: Datatype examples
... Doug's Home Page . ... In the examples below we show a number of ways that data can be moved back and forth between S-Lang and Perl . ... Source code typeof : "undef"; __END__ __SLang__ variable foo = Any_Type [3]; foo[0] = "a string"; foo[1] = 23; define getfoo(x) { return foo[x]; } message( "In S-Lang:" ); vmessage( "typeof(foo[0]) = %s", string(typeof(foo[0])) ); vmessage( "typeof(foo[1]) = %s", string(typeof(foo[1])) ); vmessage( "typeof(foo[2]) = %s", string(typeof(foo[2])) ); . ...
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3. mod_so - Apache HTTP Server
... Apache HTTP Server Version 2.4 . Apache > HTTP Server > Documentation > Version 2.4 > Modules . ... On Windows, where loadable files typically have a file extension of .dll , Apache httpd modules are called , just as they are on other platforms. ... Because Apache httpd for Windows does not have the Configure program of Apache httpd for Unix, the module's source file must be added to the ApacheCore project file, and its symbols must be added to the os\win32\modules.c file. ...
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4. Apache module mod_vhost_alias
This module provides support for dynamically configured mass virtual hosting . ... Source File: mod_vhost_alias.c . ... For simple name-based virtual hosts you might use the following directives in your server configuration file: UseCanonicalName Off VirtualDocumentRoot /usr/local/apache/vhosts/%0 . A request for will be satisfied by the file /usr/local/apache/vhosts/ . ... Module: mod_vhost_alias . ...
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5. The File Life Cycle
The File System . This section describes how you can create new files, copy existing files, and delete obsolete files. ... RENAME to change the name of a file. ... Files can be created in several ways: text can be entered from the keyboard via the CREATE command, an editor can create a file, as can a running program, and files can be copied from other directories. ... To delete obsolete files, use the DELETE command followed by a file name or file name template (wildcards). ...
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6. Dynamic Extensions
Karma Home Page . ... For example, the Filepopup widget (section 13.17.2 ) defines the service Filepopup . ... This extension adds some accelerator buttons to a Filepopup widget Copyright (C) 1997-1998 Richard Gooch This code is distributed under the GNU General Public License */ # include stdio.h # include math.h # include errno.h # include X11/Intrinsic.h # include X11/Xos.h # include X11/StringDefs.h # include X11/Xaw/Command.h # include karma .h # include ...
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Since XmCCD uses Motif, the libraries and include files must be available. ... By default it will create a directory xmccd-#.# with the command tar -xvzf xmccd-#.#.tar Set your current working directory to xmccd-#.# cd xmccd-#.# ... For "ls -l" you should see something like this -rwsr-xr-x 1 root root 281883 Mar 10 01:08 xmccd Move xmccd to a directory in your search path such as /usr/local/bin mv xmccd /usr/local/bin xmccd will use ds9 for image display if it is present. ...
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8. How to create a new tool in CASA Bojan Nikolic web pages (r. 329)
... Bojan Nikolic web pages (r. 329) . ... Building CASA . ... XML Schema for the tools description ( casa.xsd ) . These are my notes on how to create a new tool for CASA, in particular in this case a new tool to implement WVR phase correction. ... include <wvrphase_cmpt.h> . ... All of the files below need to be placed in the casa/code/xmlcasa/implement/synthesis directory and the tool will be built and accessible from Python. ... create (); wvrphase . ... How to create a new tool in CASA . ...
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NAME ABbuilder - DFO data organization tool SYNOPSIS ABbuilder <options> where <options> are: --raw-dir directory containing raw data --cal-dir directory containing calib data --cal-ldir directory containing symbolic links to calib files --cal-list mcalib list --vcal-dir directory containing virtual products --pro-dir where pipeline products are created --ab-dir where association blocks are created --oca-rul file containing OCA rules --instrume instrument --date YYYY-MM-DD --mode { CALIB | ...
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10. SAS Packages
The SAS package maker ( pkgmaker ), is a perl script that creates a complete directory structure for a new SAS task. The task directory structure is created under the current directory. ... A new directory structure can be created anywhere by simply typing pkgmaker and answering the questions asked. ... When a new task directory structure is created, all the files in the subdirectory pkgmaker/template under the main SAS package directory are copied to the new directory tree. ...
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... CREATE FULLTEXT CONFIGURATION -- create full-text configuration . CREATE FULLTEXT CONFIGURATION cfgname PARSER prsname [ LOCALE localename ] [ AS DEFAULT ]; CREATE FULLTEXT CONFIGURATION cfgname [ { PARSER prsname | ... PARSER . ... LOCALE . ... Create new configuration test with default parser and ru_RU.UTF-8 locale. CREATE FULLTEXT CONFIGURATION test PARSER default LOCALE 'ru_RU.UTF-8'; =# \dF+ test Configuration "public.test" Parser name: "pg_catalog.default" Locale: 'ru_RU.UTF-8' Token | ...
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12. SSAU scientists have created an unique simulator for pilots and drivers
... Scientists of Samara State Aerospace University (SSAU) have created an unique mobile platform for the production of training and gaming simulators. ... Such mobile platforms also known as the Stewart platforms became widespread in the world primarily as simulators for training of highly-qualified military pilots and drivers. ... For example, the Rocket and Space Centre Progress is going to test level sensors for residual fuel in the fuel tanks of the rocket carrier on this mobile platform. ...
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13. Examples of creating an archive file
To create a tarfile containing several files: tar cvf data.tar *.dat . This creates a tarfile data.tar containing all the files in the current directory which have the filename extension .dat . ... To create a tarfile of a directory: tar cvf project.tar Project Project/README Project/Makefile Project/Makefile Project/main.c Project/screen.c Project/menus.c Project/calculator.c Project/setup/configuration . ... This creates a tarfile book.tar containing the directories text and illustrations . ...
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14. (Untitled)
I. Installation . ... AMPLE package distributive (created with program InstallShield for Microsoft Visual C++) has been downloaded on FTP server of IAA RAS as archive ... Note: If the window "file download" appears, select Open... switch button, then press OK button. ... The shortcut for AMPLE will be linked with this folder, and auxiliary files will be created here during AMPLE work. ... When running AMPLE all auxiliary and new configuration files are created in the WORK folder. ...
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15. Chapter 5. Listing of Installed Components
Chapter 5. Listing of Installed Components . ... An X driver (/usr/X11R6/lib/modules/drivers/; this driver is needed by the X server to use your NVIDIA hardware. ... An X module for wrapped software rendering (/usr/X11R6/lib/modules/ and optionally, /usr/X11R6/lib/modules/; this module is used by the X driver to perform software rendering on GeForce 8 series GPUs. ... See Chapter 4, Installing the NVIDIA Driver for a more thorough description. ...
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16. Creating a filesystem
... Filesystems are created, i.e., initialized, with the mkfs љ command. ... Search for bad blocks and initialize the bad block list accordingly. -l filename . ... badblocks /dev/fd0H1440 1440 > bad-blocks . ... 1 block group . 8192 blocks per group, 8192 fragments per group . ... Then bad blocks were searched with badblocks љ , with the output redirected to a file, bad-blocks . Finally, the filesystem was created, with the bad block list initialized by whatever badblocks љ found. ...
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17. Tcl- and [Incr tcl]- Based Applications for Astronomy and the Sciences
... Up: Science Software Applications . ... It has extensions for creating GUI (Tk) and object-oriented ([incr tcl]) applications. Several Tcl-based tools that may be used for astronomical and other scientific applications have been created and are discussed. One example is ptcl , which registers PGPLOT functions as Tcl commands, creating a powerful interactive plotting package. ... Both programs use the same C code, Tcl commands, and [incr tcl] classes; only the GUIs are different. ...
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18. AstroAsciiData
... AstroAsciiData is a Python module to handle ASCII tables. ... The idea to develop this Python module emerged from the fact that ASCII tables continue to be one of the most popular and widely used data exchange formats in astronomy and probably science in general. ... To load this ASCII table, go into Python, load the AstroAsciiData module and read in the table with: . ... demo ='webexa.txt') . ... Users who only want to work with ASCII tables neeed no further python modules. ...
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19. In The Beginning, God Created......prophecy - an Astronomy Net God Science
God Science Forum Message . Forums: . ... God and Science ћ SETI ћ Software ћ UFO ћ XEphem . ... God and Science | ... In The Beginning, God Created......prophecy . ... I am beginning to believe that Genesis creation is about the creation of prophecy as much as it is a statement that God is the creator. ... So I ask, are you (anyone) willing to consider Gen 1 2 as stories of prophecy or are you determined that it is either about science or a literal 7-day creation? ... . ...
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20. Database of Optical Constants -- Level: welcome
The database contains references to the papers, data files and links to the Internet resources related to measurements and calculations of the optical constants in the wavelength interval from X-rays to radio domain. ... References to some useful books and reviews on the subject (e.g. the classical handbooks edited by E.D.Palik) and links to Internet collections of optical constants and personal WWW pages with related software were also placed in the database. You have arrived at our welcome page. ...
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