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J/AstL/vol/page SAI Open Clusters Catalog (Glushkova+, 2009) ================================================================================ Automated search for star clusters in large multiband surveys. ... Color excesses E(B-V), distance moduli and ages were determined for 141 new and 27 known, but poorly studied clusters. We present the Sternberg Astronomical Institute Open Clusters Catalog (SAI OCL Catalog) of coordinates, diameters and main physical parameters of these clusters. ...
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2. Astronomy HyperText Book: Stellar Clusters
Stellar Clusters are very useful laboratories for empirically studying stellar evolution. ... All cluster stars are at the same distance . All cluster stars have the same physical age . ... CM diagram Young Cluster In this case we see the Main Sequence fully represented. The blue dots represent massive stars with short main sequence lifetimes. ... Thus, identifying the most massive star which is still on the main sequence is an effective means of determining the age of a stellar cluster. ...
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3. Index of /groups/cluster/CEP/RADVEL
... 110-114 F5.2 mas/year s_mu_ra Error of RA proper motion 116-120 F5.2 mas/year s_mu_dec Error of Decl proper motion 122-122 I1 --- Src Proper motion source (2) 125-129 F5.2 --- Corr PM errors correlation coefficient 133-138 F6.2 mas Pi HIPPARCOS parallax 140-144 F4.2 mas Pi_err Parallax error 147-152 I6 --- Hip_no HIPPARCOS number ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Note (1) Sources of radial velocity data: 1 Moscow group measurements (Sov.Astron.Let., ...
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4. HST
... These Frontier Fields will combine the power of HST with the natural gravitational telescopes of high-magnification clusters of galaxies. ... We are soliciting gravitational lensing maps for the last four Hubble Frontier Fields clusters (MACSJ0717.5+3745, MACSJ1149.5+2223, AbellS1063, and Abell 370) based upon the exceptionally deep HST FF imaging and other new ancillary data. ... For the full set of proposal instructions and requirements, see the FY16 Frontier Fields Lensing Map Call for Proposals....
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5. A 1400-MHz Survey of 1478 Abell Clusters of Galaxies
... 87.1083Owen+ VIII/29 1400-MHz Survey of 1478 Abell Clusters of Galaxies (Owen+ 1982) ================================================================================ A 1400-MHz Survey of 1478 Abell Clusters of Galaxies Owen F.N., White R.A., Hilldrup K.C., Hanisch R.J. =1982AJ.. ... 0,] Major axis error 70- 71 A2 --- n_MajAxi *[ A, B, C,NR, ] Major axis note 73- 74 I2 arcmin MinAxi *? ... Note on dist-C: Ratio of the distance of the source from the cluster center to the corrected Abell cluster...
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6. Absolute proper motions of open clusters
ABSOLUTE PROPER MOTIONS OF 331 OPEN CLUSTERS . ... The proper motions of stars in the fields of 331 open clusters were taken from Four-Million Star Catalog (4M-catalog) of positions and proper motions (Volchkov et al. ... The absolute proper motions for 21 young open clusters have been derived by comparison of precise relative proper motions of individual stars and their corresponding absolute proper motions. ... Sign of proper motions in RA . ... 0.0001 arcsec/yr . ... rms error in RA proper motion . ...
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7. Database of Optical Constants -- Level: welcome
The database contains references to the papers, data files and links to the Internet resources related to measurements and calculations of the optical constants in the wavelength interval from X-rays to radio domain. ... References to some useful books and reviews on the subject (e.g. the classical handbooks edited by E.D.Palik) and links to Internet collections of optical constants and personal WWW pages with related software were also placed in the database. You have arrived at our welcome page. ...
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8. Description of different types of shell
. There are several different shells available for Unix; the most popular are described here. You can use any one of these shells if they are available on your system. And you can switch between the different shells once you have found out if they are available. Bourne shell (sh) . C shell (csh) . TC shell (tcsh) . Korn shell (ksh) . Bourne Again SHell (bash) .
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9. STDA files
... The file names' construction . The flight (m) stage's file set . ... the orbital data used for the flight operation monthly (m) long-term planning, . ... The orbital calculations are based on the initial orbital data determined by KIAM RAN using the orbital radio measurements treatment.The determined initial orbital data are presented as a state vector (satellite position and velocity) in the J2000 reference. ... Accept the file with extension '.bgr', where the Moscow time (MT=UT+3h) is used. ...
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10. ASP: A Taste of Real Astronomy ? The ESA/ESO Astronomy Exercises
... The exercises are now available on the web and in six booklets (100 pages in total), titled: . ... Exercise 1: Measuring the Distance to Supernova 1987A", . Exercise 2: The Distance to Messier 100 as Determined by Cepheid Variable Stars", . Exercise 3: Measuring the Distance to the Cat's Eye Nebula" and . Exercise 4: Measuring a Globular Star Cluster's Distance and Age". ... More exercises will follow in the future. ... Exercise 3 - Measuring the Distance to the Cat's Eye Nebula . ...
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11. Description
... For an input list of EBOXDETECT source locations, simultaneous maximum likelihood PSF fits to the source count distribution are performed in all energy bands of each EPIC telescope. A description of the main properties of the detection algorithm may be found in Cruddace, Hasinger, Schmitt (1988). ... Note, that =1 in the case of the individual energy band detection likelihoods listed in source table rows with ID_BAND 0 and is equal to the total number of energy bands in the ID_BAND=0 summary rows. ...
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12. The AstroStat Slog Blog Archive my first AAS. IV. clustering
... Archives . ... my first AAS. ... I was questioned by two attendees, acquainted before the AAS, if I can suggest them clustering methods relevant to their projects. ... classification vs. clustering or supervised learning vs. unsupervised learning : the former terms from the pairs indicate the fact that the scientist already knows types of objects in his hands. ... Tags: Classification , clustering , cosmology , spatial statistics , supervised learning , test , unsupervised learning . ...
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13. The CIMA Homepage
... CIMAFITS is the name for the Arecibo FITS-file format. ... This is a list of (fairly) up-to-date documents describing CIMA and CIMAFITS: . The CIMA version history log which is the most up-to-date page listing all changes made to the different versions of CIMA . ... The CIMA user's log which chronologically lists changes made to CIMA that may be relevant to an observer. The CIMA engineering log which lists engineering changes made to CIMA that probably are of less interest to an observer. ...
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... They have been used to describe the content of the 105 columns available in the different VizieR tables. ... We present different applications of UCDs: selection of catalogues, based on their content; identification of catalogues having similar fields; automated data conversion allowing direct comparison of data in cross-identifications. ... Metadata for the VO: The Case of UCDs 71 Figure 2. Example of statistics on the different column names and units used in all VizieR tables for one UCD. ...
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15. sfit help file
... SFIT is a general-purpose code designed to optimize theoretical stellar spectra to an observed spectrum. ... While the programme expects input from "stdio", it is more natural to save commands in a file (eg "sfit_input") and run the code simply by . ... If the spectra to be fitted have a filename "star_spectrum", then the best fit spectrum will be written out, together with the renormalized input spectrum, to a file called "". ... sets up model spectrum grid (and for 2nd star) . ...
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16. clMonitor
dfos = Data Flow Operations System, the common tool set for DFO . ... dfos tools . ... clMonitor.html, exported to . ... The clMonitor gives an overview of the currently condor activity (nodes executing condor jobs) and the pending queue. ... idle | ... busy' indicates that condor currently executes a job on that node; 'idle' means no current condor job; 'reserved/not available' means the node is not configured for condor jobs, or is currently not available. ...
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ATMoB "Open Cluster Observing Award " Guidelines Purpose: To promote observing among the membership of the Amateur Telescope Makers of Boston through participation in the Open Clusters Observing Awards program. Introduction: This awards program is oriented towards visually observing open clusters above magnitude 9.9. ... It turns out that a very unprejudiced and convenient method to dermine the limiting magnitude is to count the number of visible stars in certain areas on the sky. ...
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18. GSAOI Super Star Clusters Science Page
... GSAOI Home . ... Science . ... Deep J , H , and K imaging is required of Galactic and Magellanic Cloud analogs of the super star clusters identified in starburst galaxies. ... Images of the 30 Doradus star cluster in the Large Magellanic Cloud in the visible ( left panels ) and near-infrared ( right panels ) take from the ground ( top panels ) and with the Hubble Space Telescope ( bottom panels ). The fields of the GSAOI detectors are shown as four green squares in each frame. ...
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19. On current distance scales for open clusters
... In 1930, Trumpler noticed that linear diameters (LD) of open clusters increase with distance (D) from the Sun. ... Since that time, the interstellar absorption has become one of the best studied factor in astrophysics, and we may hope that current OCL distance scales are free from this LD-D correlation. To verify if this is the case we have chosen several modern OCL distance scales and test them with the same clusters and the same angular diameters that Trumpler had used back in 1930. ...
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20. important11-15_en
... 1) Studying distributions of stars of different ages in irregular and spiral galaxies we found for each galaxy a clear correlation between the age of stars and the spatial size of the subsystems of stars of this age. ... We made a stellar photometry of eight NGC 1313 fields and of its dwarf companion AM 0319-662 and studied the visible distribution of stars of different ages and of metallicity in the galaxy. ... This disappeared galaxy was the cause of the gravitational deformation of NGC 1313. ...
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