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1. East Siberian Center for the Earth's Ionosphere Research. Specific character
... In spite of the good potential possibilities, some of the station "Dnepr" design characteristics did not allow us to apply the usual special IS radar measurement methods. ... Thus for IS signal measurements at the "Dnepr" station, we have developed special methods for recording and processing IS signals in order to determine plasma ionospheric parameters. ... Equations (4-5) from the basis for data post processing to obtain ionosphere parameters. ...
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... Basic Observables: Zero-differenced phase and code ionosphere-free combinations of global GNSS network stations, corrected by P1-C1 satellite code biases (cc2noncc), daily observations with 30 seconds sampling rate Sites coordinates : IGb08 reference frame coordinates and velocities Displacements: solid tides, ocean loading, pole tide loading (IERS 2010) Geometric model : Receivers antennas eccentricities, absolute receiver and ...
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3. User Parameters - Continuum imaging CentralProcessor 0.11 documentation
... CentralProcessor 0.11 documentation . ... The parameters listed here allow the user to configure the parset and the slurm job for continuum imaging of the science field. Some of the parameters can be set to blank, to allow cimager to choose appropriate values based on its ?advise? capability (which involves examining the dataset and setting appropriate values for some parameters. ... Number of CPUs to use on each core in the continuum imaging. ... User Parameters - Continuum Self-calibration . ...
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4. Parameters
... Meta Index / Home Page This section documents the parameters recognized by this task (if any). ... boolean . ... false true . If startviewer is set to true imgdisplay attempts to establish a communication link between itself and an active Ds9 / SAOtng process upon invocation. ... If withreceive is set to true output from a running Ds9 / SAOtng process (resulting from a preceding execution of commands via withcommands / commands ) shall be collected in this parameter as a list of strings. ...
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5. a2488 dps the 800Mhz rcvr.
21apr13: jumps in adjacent bands after processing: . 04nov12: 1 mock box with glitches. ripple in polB 1 box for 1 pattern . ... both mock groups in use (g0 and g1). hi res mode to (86, 57 MHz bw) depending on rcvr. offset the bands to get rid of Dc spike . ... There were 3 dps patterns taken. ... Black is polA, red is polB . ... PolA and polB had similar jumps and slopes. ... Red in polA, green is polB . ... It was replaced 05nov12. 1 mock box (b5s1g1) showed 10 MHz ripple in 1 dps pattern polB . ...
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6. Satellite Data Processing
Basics of magnetosphere satellite experiment. Main steps of data processing. Modern conception of Earth magnetosphere. ... Empirical models of the bow shock, magnetopause and neutral current sheet positions. Main principles of construction of empirical magnetospheric magnetic field models. ... Current systems in the Earth magnetosphere. Chapman- Ferraro current. ... Tsyganenko 1996 model and its application to satellite data processing. ... Basics of statistical data analysis. ...
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7. Other parameters of the evolutionary scenario
Next: Parameters of the starburst Up: The Model Previous: Initial parameters of compact . ... If the rate of accretion from one star to another is sufficiently high (e.g., the mass transfer occurs on a timescale a few times shorter than the thermal Kelvin-Helmholz time for the normal companion) or the compact object is engulfed by a giant companion, the common envelope (CE) stage of the binary evolution can set in (see Paczynski 1976; van den Heuvel 1983). ...
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... After the data from an observation have been received and processed through the STScI pipeline, hardcopy products ( paper products ) are generated which summarize the data obtained. ... Paper products typically summarize the set of exposures that constitute a visit in the Phase II proposal. ... The content of the pages is as follows: . ... Observation Summary: a table summarizing the proposal information for each exposure in the present set, including processing and data quality flags ( Figure 15.4 ...
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9. Project 5 - State Program "Condenced Matter Physics"
... The Russian Federation State Program "Physics of Condenced Matter", the "Superconductivity" division , Project code "Generation-2" . ... The multielement josephson structures are known to allow implementation of the unique properties of the Josephson junctions as electromagnetic waves sources with high change rate of generation frequency, working in the millimeter and submillimeter wavelength diapasones. ... Even the optimal type of the junction electrodynamic interconnection isn't chosen. ...
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... 8, ``Celestial Mechanics'', 2002 First results of GPS orbit determination with GRAPE package using a square--root information filter M. O. Keshin Institute of Applied Astronomy, St. Petersburg, Russia The zero--differenced carrier phase measurements contain the distance be­ tween the phase centres of receiver and transmitter antennas biased by unknown integer number of cycles (phase ambiguities). ... In the case of GPS the problem of solar radiation pressure modelling is of primary importance. ...
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11. Biosphere: Analysis of Value Parameters
... Публикации и издания Публикации профессорско-преподавательского состава СГАУ Издания проф. Сосниной Т.Н. Biosphere: Analysis of Value Parameters . ... Besides, the ways of saving the use value and value properties of biosphere are analyzed. The expediency of transformation of two-criterion theory of value into the three- criterion theory of the balance of value, where the ecologic component performs the function of the key criterion has been founded. ... BIOSPHERE USE VALUE OF THE PRODUCT: MAIN . ...
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12. IKI IPL home page
You can also see this page in Russian with using KOI8 (X Windows) or CP1251 (MS Windows) Cyrillic coding. The Laboratory supports the space TV experiments, mainly in the planetary exploration missions. ... Image Co-registration . ... PHOBOS mission - Martian satellites investigations. Phobos on the Martian limb, the image from Phobos-2 probe from 02/28/89. ... Russian Space Bulletin. ... Last modified at June,26 1997 Alexey Kuzmin: . Back to IKI home page ...
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... Luminosity (L) · · · · A source's luminosity is the power that it emits in radiation. ... NB Astronomers often say `flux' when they mean `flux density' · SI units are Wm-2Hz -1 -26 filter · Also used are Jy 10 Wm-2Hz -1 E= РРРF d dA dt Specific Intensity, Surface Brightness (I) · Specific intensity (or surface brightness) is the power received (or emitted) per unit area per unit frequency per unit solid angle. ч F at surface of a spherical source = I · · Specific intensity is independent of distance...
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14. Parameters
Next: System configuration Up: How to use CONSTRICTOR Previous: Preparation of parameter file Contents . ... DayNumber: Even though this number is in the data, some packet headers have the wrong number and it makes it a whole lot easier to have the user check and enter this number correctly. ... CONSTRICTOR will add a multiple of 24 hours to the time tag when the day number changes. Remember to set the StopTime to, say, 48 hours if you use a DayNumber of one less than the actual day number. ...
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15. Request on Data
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16. Radioastrophysical Observatory ISTP RAS SB
RADIOASTROPHYSICAL DEPARTMENT • INSTITUTE OF SOLAR-TERRESTRIAL PHYSICS RAS SB . ... SSRT - Receiving systems . The SSRT has two independent receiving systems for recording solar observational data, and several ancillary receivers for checking, setting up and adjusting the instrument. The base receiving systen is a multichannel filter receiver for a simultaneous recording in 180 channels with the 500 kHz band each, adjusted at steps of about 600 kHz. ... Channel's band . ...
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17. Where are the tunable parameters of the kernel?
The HyperNews Linux KHG Discussion Pages . Forum: The Linux Kernel Hackers' Guide . Date: Thu, 15 May 1997 08:10:29 GMT . From: < > . I need to find the tunable parameters of the linux kernel, bue i cant find them (filesystems, processes, swapping,...) . I would like to know if there is any files such as mtune, or dtune is System V where you can change the main tunable parameters. Thank you everybody!! . Messages . 1. Kernel tunable parameters by Jukka Santala .
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18. Modern CCD Observations of Moving Celestial Objects: Algorithms and Software
... Up: Data Analysis and Processing Techniques . ... Also, a method for quality control of CCD observations is suggested. ... Everyone who observes a celestial object using a CCD detects moving celestial objects as a ``by product''. ... We hope that our investigations may be useful for near-Earth space control and also for searches of the moving celestial objects through analysis of old and new CCD frames obtained at any amateur or professional astronomical observatory. ...
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19. Area of scientific investigations
... Research of an atmosphere of the Earth and other planets of Solar system by optical methods . ... The long-term experience of study of atmospheres of planets of Solar system in a department of physics of planets has defined directions and methods of researches spent for laboratory . ... The tasks of laboratory are researches by optical methods of structure of a Terrestrial atmosphere, namely study of spectra of absorption of its compound radiation of natural and artificial sources. ...
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20. HyperLeda: example of online pipeline processing
Examples of pipeline processing . ... This page presents examples of "on the fly" processing of FITS astronomical data available on the WEB using the HyperLeda pipeline tools. ... In many cases, raw data are archived and a consisten description of the file (FITS header) allows to process them on the fly. ... This first command makes a "pre-view" display of the image. o=fa:L93111HP1/00147&z=vg . ... The result of a pipeline processing is a FITS file that you can read as a normal disk file. ...
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