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1. Modern CCD Observations of Moving Celestial Objects: Algorithms and Software
... Up: Data Analysis and Processing Techniques . ... Also, a method for quality control of CCD observations is suggested. ... Everyone who observes a celestial object using a CCD detects moving celestial objects as a ``by product''. ... We hope that our investigations may be useful for near-Earth space control and also for searches of the moving celestial objects through analysis of old and new CCD frames obtained at any amateur or professional astronomical observatory. ...
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2. East Siberian Center for the Earth's Ionosphere Research. Databases.
Russian SHAREABLE DATA CENTER Institute of Solar-Terrestial Physics SB RAS . ... The ionogram catalogue is divided into the data file and the key file. ... The station codes database consists of the data file and two key files. ... This database consists of the data file and the key file. ... The antenna DB consists of two interrelated databases. ... The data file contains the following information: antenna type, antenna name, antenna parameters names, measurement units, and ranges of parameters. ...
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3. Processing OM Image mode data
... OM grism data are obtained as image mode data. However the different nature of this type of data, spectra of the objects in the field of view instead of their "sky" image, makes that a special processing must be applied to the grism images. ... They are concatenated in a perl script, omgchain , which works in a similar way to the image and fast mode chains. ... All necessary corrections are applied to the grism data files. ... As we have pointed out OM grism data are image mode data. ...
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4. IKI IPL home page
You can also see this page in Russian with using KOI8 (X Windows) or CP1251 (MS Windows) Cyrillic coding. The Laboratory supports the space TV experiments, mainly in the planetary exploration missions. ... Image Co-registration . ... PHOBOS mission - Martian satellites investigations. Phobos on the Martian limb, the image from Phobos-2 probe from 02/28/89. ... Russian Space Bulletin. ... Last modified at June,26 1997 Alexey Kuzmin: . Back to IKI home page ...
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5. Alsvid - Python Programs for Processing FITS Astronomical Image Data
The Python programs offered here result from the development of methodology for processing image data with high precision, in a flexible command line system useful for astronomical and laboratory image processing. ... Alsvid is efficient in robotic and automated or scripted server processing of astronomical images, and also in interactive command line processing for research and visualization. ... In large part it replaces IRAF and IDL when scripted image processing is required. ...
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6. Astronomy HyperText Book: Stellar Evolution
... Stellar Evolution is driven entirely by the never ending battle between Pressure and Gravity . As imbalances are reached, the star is driven to find a new Energy source. ... Pressure and gravitational forces are equal, the star is stable and its core is sufficiently hot to fuse Hydrogen into Helium More about main sequence stars . ... The luminosity generated by the core fusion of Helium into Carbon is far greater than the shell luminosity associated with the fusion of Hydrogen into Helium. ...
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7. Algorithms and software design
... Russian KOI8 . Scientists of Laboratory of radio astrophysics develop algorithms and software. ... design of statistical estimations methods of average and smoothing; . fitting algorithms design; . development of the data processing system FADPS (Flexible Astronomical Data Processing System); . design of visualisating and interactive data reduction programs for initial observational data ( fgr (Russian KOI-8) ) and continuum radio sources spectra (spg); . ...
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8. The AstroStat Slog Blog Archive Signal Processing and Bootstrap
... Astronomers have developed their ways of processing signals almost independent to but sometimes collaboratively with engineers, although the fundamental of signal processing is same: extracting information. ... 2007 Vol 24 Issue 4: Bootstrap methods in signal processing . ... Bootstrap for Empirical Multifractal Analysis (H. Wendt, P. Abry & S. Jaffard) explains block bootstrap methods for dependent data, bootstrap confidence limits, bootstrap hypothesis testing in addition to multifractal analysis....
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9. On-The-Fly Reprocessing Systems
The On-The-Fly Calibration (OTFC) system, publicly released in Dec. 1999, calibrated data at the time a user requested data from the archive. ... The On-The-Fly Reprocessing (OTFR) system replaced OTFC on May 16, 2001. ... UCHCOORD and OTFR. ... To address this issue, a new header keyword, PROCTIME, has been added to OTFR data to record when the system processed the data. ... OTFC . OTFR . ... POD file (original telemetry file) is retrieved from HST archive and passed to OTFR system. ...
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10. dsmc
MATHEMATICAL MODELING: . ... This model is developed on the base of the probabilistic description of the collisional aeronomical processes and is realized on a computer as the numerical system (stochastic model). ... Shematovich, V.I., Bisikalo , D.V.             Nonequilibrium processes in the planetary and cometary atmospheres. ... In Russian) . ... Piarnpuu , A. A.; and Shematovich, V. I.       Construction of structural stochastic models of collision processes in rarefied gas media (abstract) . ...
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11. ASKAPsoft processing of BETA data CentralProcessor 0.11 documentation
... CentralProcessor 0.11 documentation . BETA Processing Pipelines . ASKAPsoft is the suite of processing software developed by the ASKAP computing team to handle the pipeline processing of ASKAP observations. ... BETA processing uses a slightly different approach, particularly in the calibration method, and the set of scripts detailed here are designed to demonstrate a BETA reduction approach with ASKAPsoft. ... ASKAPsoft processing of BETA data . ... How to run the BETA pipelines . ...
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... has an excellent capability for visualising calibrated spectra Gridzilla : takes spectra from a collection of bandpass ­calibrated measurement sets and writes a 3­plane cube Both are aips++ packages (Solaris/Linux, not Mac) See: ... /node6.html for desciption of tasks Both were specifically designed for Parkes Multibeam, but could be easily modified to work for ALFA Viewgraphs prepared byMartin Zwaan (ESO) Livedata GUI scheduler ... Quick­look T­F maps # livedata . ...
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13. X-ray CCD Camera : C6086 Series(Hamamatsu Photonics)
X-ray CCD Camera : C6086 Series . The C6086 X-ray CCD camera was specifically developed for X-ray observation. A CCD coupled with X-ray scintilator is used for detection. ... Effective sensitive area of 2/3, 1.5, 2.5 inch. ... 25 m m min . ... If you have comments or are requesting any information, please contact CCD). Information furnished by HAMAMATSU is believed to be reliable. ... Copyright 1997 Hamamatsu Photonics K.K. Created in February 1997 . ...
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14. Common DFO tools: architecture
dfos = Data Flow Operations System, the common tool set for DFO . ... Daily workflow . DFOS . ... provided by DFS . ... These steps are called per DATE, the middle part also per MODE (CALIB or SCIENCE). I. Pre processing . ... DFOS tool . ... process for CALIB files . ... all tools from daily workflow part I up to II (except certification) . ... all tools from daily workflow, except for createAB, certifyProducts . ... DFOS tools: overview . ... DFS : tool developed and maintained by DFS . ...
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15. Area of scientific investigations
... Research of an atmosphere of the Earth and other planets of Solar system by optical methods . ... The long-term experience of study of atmospheres of planets of Solar system in a department of physics of planets has defined directions and methods of researches spent for laboratory . ... The tasks of laboratory are researches by optical methods of structure of a Terrestrial atmosphere, namely study of spectra of absorption of its compound radiation of natural and artificial sources. ...
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16. Radioastrophysical department ISTP RAS SB
RADIOASTROPHYSICAL DEPARTMENT  INSTITUTE OF SOLAR-TERRESTRIAL PHYSICS RAS SB . ... Radioastrophysical Department , Institute of Solar-Terrestrial Physics, Siberian Division, Russian Academy of Science. ... Head of Laboratory dr. Gubin A.V. LABORATORY of INFORMATION SUPPLY and METHODOLOGY of RESEARCH . ... Head of Observatory Kitsanov S.V. SIBERIAN SOLAR RADIO TELESCOPE . Siberian solar radio telescope data at 5.7 GHz in I SOHO EIT 171 SOHO EIT 195 SOHO EIT 304 MDI Continuum MDI Magnetogram . ...
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... Basic Observables: Zero-differenced phase and code ionosphere-free combinations of global GNSS network stations, corrected by P1-C1 satellite code biases (cc2noncc), daily observations with 30 seconds sampling rate Sites coordinates : IGb08 reference frame coordinates and velocities Displacements: solid tides, ocean loading, pole tide loading (IERS 2010) Geometric model : Receivers antennas eccentricities, absolute receiver and ...
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18. Main research and development work completed in 2009 and ready for
... Space Research Institute . ... Main research and development work completed in 2009 and ready for implementation . ... Development of the Northern Eurasia land cover map based on medium spatial resolution satellite data. ... The research and development has been completed of the first in Russia and in the whole world high-speed digital streams decoder for space and satellite channels with extremely high noise levels. ... Main research and development work completed in 2008 and ready for...
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19. Processing Pictures - "InformChaos" Software
... Information processing in nonlinear systems with dynamic chaos // Доклады Международного семинара "Нелинейные цепи и системы".- ... The idea and the method for using one-dimensional nonlinear dynamic systems for storing and processing information were proposed in [1, 2]. ... The main part of the preprint is Section 4, where the "InformChaos" software pack, accomplishing the above principles of storing and processing visual information, is described in detail. ...
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20. LOW
The laboratory has developed a fabrication technology of boron/aluminium structural elements that does not involve high-temperature/high-pressure equipment which is usualle very expensive. ... For example, to produce boron/aluminum tubes with longitudinal reinforcement, see Fig.1 for examples, which are characterized in Table 1, we have constructed a simple equipment (Fig.2) based on a commercially available furnace. ... Maximum tube length is 1500 mm, maximum diameter is 75 mm. ... Diameter . ...
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