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1. Photometric Filters Activity
... ATNF Home . About ATNF . ... About ATNF overview . ... Australia Telescope Steering Committee . ... Australia Telescope User Committee . ... Astrophysics graduate student programs . ... Murchison Radio-astronomy Observatory . ... Parkes radio telescope . Australia Telescope Compact Array . ... Visiting Parkes radio telescope . ... Parkes radio telescope webcam . ... A detailed activity for demonstrating how filters are used for photometric measurements will be posted up here shortly. ...
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2. Arcetri designs innovative superconductor microwave filters for the Sardinia
... Staff . ... Friends of Arcetri . ... Arcetri designs innovative superconductor microwave filters for the Sardinia Ratio Telescope . ... A new microwave component based on HTS technology has been presented in a recent issue of the Journal of Astronomical Instrumentation, produced by World Scientific Publishing Company, in the article тАЬ A high temperature superconductor microwave filter working in C-band for the Sardinia Radio Telescope тАЭ by Pietro Bolli and collaborators (Fig.1). ...
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3. Ed Rivera-Valentin
... Research . ... Students . ... PlanetTreky: Treking the planets at Arecibo . ... Graduate Student, Ph.D. Candidate, Universidad de Granada . ... Current status: Undergraduate student at the University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez majoring in Physics . ... Current status: Research Assistant at the University of Texas at Austin . ... Current Status: Postdoctoral Researcher at Southwest Research Institute . ... How to Apply : Interested students should send an email to Dr. Rivera-Valentin . ...
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4. Information for Students on the Womens Science Forum
... Information for Students on the Womens Science Forum . ... Events . ... Summer Student . ... The Women's Science Forum wants to help you to meet other young women with the same questions, as well as meet women that have built successful careers in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. At WSF events you will be given opportunities to speak directly to women scientists and engineers about what they do, and how they made their decision to go into their respective fields. ...
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5. ASP: Good Astronomy Activities on the WWW
home education > activities . ... Quick math activity that asks students to calculate scale models of a binary star system with a black hole in it. [h] . ... Students use a radiometer and a light bulb with a dimmer switch to make connections between the temperature, color, and radiation output of a star. ... This demonstration, similar to the above, from the Exploratorium Snack-book of science activities, lets students demonstrate how molecules scatter light and change the colors of the beam. [m,h] . ...
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6. Астронет > Stars and Planets ? A project in Astronomy
... Stars and Planets ? A project in Astronomy . ... During the first few months of 2001 year, students at our teacher training institutes (six in St. Petersburg, ten in Amsterdam, three in Stockholm and one student in Vietnam) have been working together in an international project in Astronomy. ... In this paper, we report on the project. ... While studying their topics, students in each country had regular contact with their tutor (at least once a week during the ten-week period of the project). ...
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7. Student Projects at Armagh Observatory
. Sitemap . Contact . Search . Armagh Observatory, College Hill, Armagh BT61 9DG, +44 (0)28 3752 2928 . Undergraduate and School Student Projects . Work experience and vacation students . Nuffield Science Bursaries . Faulkes Telescope Projects . Last Revised: 2014 February 5th .
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8. "Stargazers" and National Science Standards
... The material in "From Stargazers to Starships" meets several important requirements of the national standards. Pages cited below are from National Science Education Standards National Academy Press, Washington 1995. ... For example: the sections on astronomy not only describe calendars and sundials (including their construction), but also the astronomy of the ancient Greeks, including two different ways in which ancient Greeks estimated the distance to the Moon. ...
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Picture an Astronomer A Project ASTRO Activity For Grades 4-12 The media and our past experiences have shaped and created our expectations of people in various careers. ... However, astronomy is carried out by men and women in every country and by people young and old. ... Activity Description Before an astronomy unit or the first visit by an astronomer to your classroom, it can be instructive to have the students picture what an astronomer looks like and then discuss their assumptions. ...
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10. Paul Francis - Research Students
... Went on to do a PhD at Melborne, post-doc at Space Telescope Science Institute, and is now a research fellow at Melbourne Uni. ... Greg Wilson, 3 month (1st year PhD) project 1999. ... Katie Dodds-Eden, Undergraduate Research Project 2002. ... Kirsten Gottschalk, Paul Bonato and Jemma Polari, PhB/DSP project 2003, "Simulating an Outreach Telescope" . Conor Mow-Lowry, Undergraduate research project 2003. Craig Harvey, 2003, Undergraduate research project "Spectral Imaging of Mars" . ...
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... Dear teachers and guests of our site, if you are interested in the work of our teachers (foreign language teachers in particular) you may contact us through Internet. ... The teachers not only use computers for presentation of the new material, but also organize the system of checking students' knowledge. ... Every grade organizes a firm, chooses the activity, approves of the staff of the firm. ... The students also plan expenditure on scientific and research activities and advertisement. ...
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12. about project
Participants about project . ... makes the world a welcoming place. ... we see it shared by those who love it. ... us more aware of our own community when we shared it . with the schools around the world. ... pleased my students chose to share the feelings of . ... Our town cannot grow much as it is like an island with . other communities growning around it. ... diverse, with many Mexican people recently adding to . ... Our town is old and the new City Building looked a bit . ... city. ...
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13. Astrophysical School Traektoria
Фонд поддержки научных образовательных и культурных инициатив "Траектория" и Специальная астрофизическая обсерватория РАН проводят Первую астрофизическую школу "Траектория" с 8-го по 21-е августа 2016 года. ... ведущий науч. сотрудник докт.физ.-мат. наук Григорий Меерович Бескин, . ведущий науч. сотрудник докт.физ.-мат. наук Олег Васильевич Верходанов, . ведущий науч. сотрудник докт.физ.-мат. наук Евгений Леонидович Ченцов . ...
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14. Department of Solid State Physics MIPT
Chair of solid state physics . ... Students and postgraduate students . ... Curriculum and courses' programs . ... The Chair of solid state physics of MIPT was created on the basis of Institute of solis state physics (ISSP) of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) in 1964. ... From the very beginning the training of specialists with profound knowledge of fundamental bases of solid state physics, and both structural, and its electronic aspects was the main objective of the Chair. ...
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15. SSAU students participate in construction of the space-launch complex
... Samara region . SSAU History . ... Today, on the 1th of July, took place the opening of Russia-wide students construction project on the space-launch complex Vostochniy . ... SSAU students participated in today's celebratory assembly, where Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin and Head of Roscosmos Oleg Ostapenko addressed the construction brigade students. Rector of SSAU Yevgeniy Shakhmatov also took part at the opening ceremony of the student construction project on Vostochniy". ...
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16. "Exploration" as a Classroom Resource
... a) As source material for the high-school or college curriculum, especially in physics. astronomy and their history. (b) As a source of supplemental projects by high school students or by undergraduates. (c) As material for independent studies, In particular by motivated students who seek to know more about space . ... Those wishing to look up specific topics are advised to use the index file, accessible from the end of any "Exploration" file. ... files not listed and at other resource material. ...
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17. Student Research at Manastash Ridge Observatory
Follow-up observations with the University of Washington 0.76 m telescope at Manastash Ridge Observatory (MRO) of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS) cataclysmic variable (CV) SDSS J170053+400358 are presented. ... They estimate that the dimming amounted to about 0.028 mag (using two comparison stars that were each about 4 mag fainter than HD 209458). only UW affiliated authors have been listed, student researchers are marked with an ``*'' . ... XTE J1859+226" UW affiliated authors: *Kevin Krisciunas. ...
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18. Space Scientific and Education project of Lomonosov Moscow State University
Participants of the project . Scientific information . ... Skobeltsyn Institute of Nuclear Physics, Lomonosov Moscow State University – chief developer and executor. Physics-Technical Faculty of Ulyanovsk State University. Kostroma State University. ... Contains information about space weather based on the data from GOES, ACE satellites. The project of a supersmall satellite "Baumanets" , developed by the students of Bauman Moscow State Technical University. ...
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19. AstroRaikoh
... My research is mainly focused on magnetic fields and their influence over activity, winds and the environment around the Sun and other late-type stars. ... Alvarado-GцЕmez, J. D. ; Hussain, G. A. J.; Cohen, O.; Drake, J. J.; Garraffo, C.; Grunhut, J.; Gombosi, T.I. Keywords: Coronae - Magnetic Fields - Late-Type - Magnetohydrodynamics (MHD) . ... Alvarado-GцЕmez, J. D. ; Cohen, O.; Hussain, G. A. J.; Grunhut, J.; Garraffo, C.; Drake, J. Proceedings of the International Astronomical Union, Volume 305...
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20. Using Ceilidh as a Student
Next: The course and unit level Up: Ceilidh - On Line C Tutoring System Previous: Introduction . ... To enter the system at the general level, the appropriate command (which should have been set up by your computer systems administrator) is . ... q quit this session fs find student | ... text ceilidh only) in X the courses available appear on main window.This command tells you which courses are available and supported by the Ceilidh system, their full title and their abbreviation. vp . ...
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