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1. Iapetus
Iapetus ( "eye AP i tus" ) is the seventeenth of Saturn 's known satellites and the third largest: orbit : 3,561,300 km from Saturn diameter : 1460 km mass : 1.88e21 kg . ... With a density of only 1.1, Iapetus must be composed almost entirely of water ice. The leading and trailing hemispheres of Iapetus are radically different. The albedo of the leading hemisphere is between .03 and .05, as dark as lampblack, whereas the trailing hemisphere's albedo is .5, almost as bright as Europa . ...
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2. Using a different printer
. To send a file to a different printer use the command: lpr -P name_of_printer filename . To find out the names of the printers that you can use enter the command: lpstat -p . There may be a local command that gives you this information. Example . Changing to use another printer by default .
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3. XWindow display
Next: Using Image Memories Up: Image Displays Previous: True Colour or . With the term XWindow display we refer to a bitmapped screen supporting the XWindow environment. ... For example, display screens of different sizes may be created and different number of image channels may be connected to any one display. ... You may create several image displays at the same time on your bitmapped screen even though only one display can be the current active display at any time. ... Using Image Memories . ...
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Program: DIV Purpose: Divides a series of input subsets by one or another series of subsets. Category: COMBINATION File: aid.shl Author: M. Vogelaar Keywords: INSET= Input set (and subsets). Maximum number of subsets is 2048. BOX= Frame for input subsets. [entire subset] SETX= Set name and subset(s) which operate on the input set. ... BOXX= The axis sizes of the subset box of 'SET' have to be equal to the axis sizes of the subset box of 'SETX'. ...
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5. Apache HOWTO documentation
... redirect an entire server or directory to a single URL . ... stop/restrict robots . proxy SSL requests through your non-SSL server . There are two chief ways to redirect all requests for an entire server to a single location: one which requires the use of mod_rewrite , and another which uses a CGI script. First: if all you need to do is migrate a server from one name to another, simply use the Redirect directive, as supplied by mod_alias : Redirect / . ...
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6. XWare > APOD
... A Total Solar Eclipse . ... Gamma rays are more than 10,000 times more energetic than visible light. ... The surface of Titan, Saturn's largest moon, is normally hidden from view by its thick, hazy atmosphere. ... Globular Cluster M5 . ... Stars orbit the center of the cluster, and the cluster orbits the center of our Galaxy. ... Named Dwingeloo 1, this nearby galaxy was only discovered recently (1994) because much of its light was obscured by dust, gas and bright stars of our own Milky Way galaxy. ...
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7. Serendipitous Discovery of a Double Helium-rich Subdwarf
Next: Star Formation and Stellar Up: Stellar Astrophysics Previous: The Chemical Evolution of . Amir Ahmad and Simon Jeffery have been studying some rare stars known, loosely, as helium-rich subdwarfs. ... Further study showed that PG1544+488 is in fact a double star with both stars having extremely helium-rich surfaces -- the first case known. ... Next: Star Formation and Stellar Up: Stellar Astrophysics Previous: The Chemical Evolution of M.E. Bailey . ...
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8. Database of Optical Properties -- Level: subsubpage
The efficiency of interaction of radiation with a particle and hence its optical properties depend on the particle chemical composition, size, shape, structure, etc. ... Particle size expressed in units of the wavelength of incident radiation, together with chemical composition, most strongly affects the optical properties of a scatterer. ... There are many methods to solve the light-scattering problem for a homogeneous spheroid (our survey of the light-scattering methods see here ). ...
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9. Neptune Picture List
Neptune . ... Triton . Neptune 291k gif . Full Disk Neptune 93k gif ; 29k jpg . ... New Dark spot 25k jpg ; 113k gif ; caption ; press release . ... Another thin Crescent of Neptune 166k gif . ... low resolution shot of Neptune, possibly showing great black spot 210k gif . ... Parting view of Neptune and moon Triton 59k gif ; 17k gif ; 23k jpg . ... Small Dark Spot 190k gif ; 133k jpg . Small Dark Spot 55k gif ; 23k jpg . ... The Great Dark Spot 423k gif ; 153k gif ; 97k jpg . ...
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10. DejaNews Document 15489.18336.:dnserver.dboct:181063
... Here's how you >decide: >Question: Which one sounds exactly like the synths used by the >professional composers who create General MIDI scores for games. Answer: the Roland. The Sound Canvas is the industry-standard General MIDI >synth. ... Well Richard - all I can say (as a professional composer who creates General MIDI scores myself) is that the Roland Sound Canvas is what we used to use - I for one (and quite a few of my associates) have switched over to the Yamaha MU80 and DB50XG. ...
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11. The AstroStat Slog 2009 July
... Archive for July 2009 . ... I?ve heard many times about the lack of documentation of this extensive data analysis system, ciao . ... Although ciao is not the only tool for Chandra data analysis, it was specifically designed for it. ... Then, out of sudden, after many months, a realization hit me. ciao is different from other data analysis systems and softwares. ... Continue reading ?Where is ciao X ?? ... Category: Cross-Cultural , Languages , Misc | 1 Comment . ... Continue reading ?[ ... ADS . ...
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12. Other Galaxies | Astronotes - Part 2
Astronotes Armagh Planetarium's Stellar Blog! ... Our Galaxy . ... Space Flight . ... Posted on April 21, 2011 | No Comments An image from the European Southern Observatory, reveals two galaxies, NGC 3169 and NGC 3166, meeting in intergalactic space. ... Continue Reading.. ... 1 Comment NGC 2841 is a rather beautiful flocculent spiral galaxy. The Hubble Space Telescope recently imaged NGC 2841 as part of an investigation into how new stars are created. ... Posted on October 28, 2010 | ...
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13. Phil Plait's Bad Astronomy: Misconceptions
... Bad Astronomy . Misconceptions . ... Bad Astronomy : The Moon only shows one face to us because it is not rotating. Better astronomy : The Moon only shows one face because it is rotating, once every time it revolves around the Earth. ... Place the Moon model on the table about 30 centimeters (one foot) away with the X facing the Earth model. ... You'll see that to keep the X facing the Earth model, you have to rotate the Moon model as it goes around the Earth model . ... 2008 Phil Plait. ...
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14. Nomenclature
Next: A Universal Diagram for Up: ``Ecology'' of Magnetic Rotators Previous: The Corotation Radius . The interaction of a magnetic rotator with the surrounding plasma to a large extent depends on the relation between the four characteristic radii: the stopping radius, , the gravitational capture radius,   , the light cylinder radius,   , and the corotation radius,   . ... Hence, the classification of the interaction regimes may well mean the classification of magnetic rotators. ...
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15. Generalities
... By default all events flagged for rejection during the chain are physically removed from the output file (to save space) except those OUT_OF_FOV (useful for cosmic-ray background subtraction) and REJECTED_BY_GATTI (used for proton flare rejection). To keep all events in output set rejectbadevents =N. To use a different mask on FLAG set rejectionflag to another hexadecimal value (binary flags are described in evatt , and in the header of the EVENTS table of the event lists). ...
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16. CIMA Frequently Asked Questions
Why are there different versions of CIMA? Which version of CIMA should I choose? ... There is no CIMA log in my project directory --- what happened? ... If You are a normal, happy observer, You should choose the CIMA version with the highest version number, since that version contains the latest improvements and bug fixes. ... This means that programs like the data quick-look display and various ALFA instrument displays all exist in several versions just like the CIMA observing session itself. ...
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17. Archive for December
... I fixed the bugs that caused the map_point changes to fail tests. Then I removed the no longer needed dimensional variables from the p structure and got those changes to pass all the tests. ... I put the code under subversion control in a new branch called refactor. ... The code change which processes each drizzle kernel over an entire image rather than a line at a time now passes the unit tests and was checked in. ... I got the keywords argument changes done and got the tests to pass. ...
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18. ASP: Cosmic Collisions
... Carefully measure the diameter of the craters formed by the impact without disturbing the sand. ... Crater diameter increases with increasing mass. ... Without disturbing the sand, carefully measure the crater diameter. ... Did you measure any difference in the diameters of the craters? Yes, as velocity increases, so does crater diameter. ... Impact cratering. ... Impact craters can be demonstrated with younger or less advanced students using mud instead of sand and ball bearings. ...
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19. Specialized space training (SST)
... Space flight . Crew training . ... Space camp . ... acquiring practical habits and skills of performing all the flight operations envisaged for a flight participant; . maintaining and honing professionally required qualities and skills for a successful activity in conditions of effect of adverse factors of a space flight, as well . ... preparing for the activity outside the spacecraft; . ... preparing for professional activity in conditions of effect of the space flight factors; . ...
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20. Another Option - an Astronomy Net Eyepieces Forum Message
Eyepieces Forum Message . Forums: . ... Post . ... Another Option . ... Post Message | ... Each should if possible get a Barlow. ... 40mm+Barlow = 20mm. 20mm+Barlow = 10mm, very close to 9.7 . 32mm+Barlow = 18, close to 15 . 12.4+Barlow = 6.2, close to 6.4 . ... . About Astronomy Net | Advertise on Astronomy Net | ... Forum posts are Copyright their authors as specified in the heading above the post. "dbHTML," "AstroGuide," "ASTRONOMY.NET" & "VA.NET" . ...
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