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1. Saturn's Moon Dione
... Dione's icy surface includes heavily cratered terrain, moderately cratered plains, lightly cratered plains, and whispy material. The heavily cratered terrain has numerous craters greater than 100 kilometers in diameter. ... Much of the heavily cratered terrain is located on the trailing hemisphere , with the less cratered plains area existing on the leading hemisphere . ... Because Dione is relatively small, an impact causing a 35 kilometer (21 mile) crater could have spun the satellite. ...
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2. GRANAT Home Page
GRANAT is the Russian x-ray sattelite launched to the high apogee orbit (200,000 km) and operated almost for 10 years (1989 -1999) , carrying out four major instruments: French SIGMA coded-mask hard x-ray telescope (30-1000 keV), Soviet ART-P coded-mask telescope (2??-60?? keV), all-sky monitor WATCH (6-150 keV), and a gamma-burst detector PHEBUS . ... Since September 1994, GRANAT is in the survey mode. ... Explore pages devoted to individual GRANAT instruments (including main scientific results): . ...
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Microsymposium 38, MS083, 2003 (A4 format) MERCURY: LOCAL VARIATIONS OF THE PHOTOMETRIC RELIEF. ... Because of trajectory and pointing angle constraints the planet could be observed from Mariner 10 only over a small range of phase angles between about 75o and 110o. Therefore the photometric investigations are restricted to measuring the distribution of brightness on the Mercurian disk. ... Raw versions of real-time processing pictures FDS 0000984 and FDS 0000986 were used (images 196 and 202). ...
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... Divide into 4 Groups and 8 Teams per Group. Each Team selects a Team Leader Complete Initial Questionnaire Mark Bailey ( Armagh Observatory ) Welcome and Opening Remarks Robert Walsh (University of Central Lancashire) Living with a Star Questions All Groups ( Planets , Galaxies , Astronomers , Spacecraft) leave Reid Hall, collect refreshments, and cross road to Observatory / Planetarium site Planets and Galaxies Groups go to ... Each Team must nominate a `Team Leader'. ...
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5. Space Scientific and Education project of Lomonosov Moscow State University
... Research objects and scientific purposes . Space scientific program includes development and launch of two supersmall spacecrafts "Universitetskiy" and "Kompas-2" intended for monitoring of radiation conditions near the Earth. ... All the studies conducted in the near-Earth space are characterised by strong radiation fields. ... The circular polar orbits, which cover all the near-Earth space, are the most favorable for comprehensive studies of the radiation conditions near the Earth. ...
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6. Lunar Drawings
Crater Gassendi . ... I made this drawing was made on the 26th of november 2001. If you compare this one with the previous drawing of Gassendi (below) the differences are clear. ... This drawing was made on the 28th of september 2001. After nearly a full month without observations I had a one hour gap between the thicker clouds. ... This drawing was made on the 29th of august 2001. ... This drawing was made on the 27th of august 2001. ... This drawing was made on the 25th of august 2001. ...
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... Mmm, You see, It's not me, It's not my Family, In your head In your head They are fighting With their tanks And their bombs And their bombs And their guns In your head In your head They are crying In your head In your he^ad Zombie Zombie Zomb ^^^ie What's in your head In your he^ad Zombie Zombie Zomb ^^^^ie ^oh Another mother's breaking Heart is taken-over When the violence ...
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8. Vladimir Marsakov Abstracts
... The obtained results lead to the following conclusions: a) the heavy element enrichment had taken place in the Galaxy in a few bursts of its activity rether than in a continuons manner; b) these bursts occured during the callapse of the early Galaxy; c) the star formation had been inhibited in the time of the bursts; d) the metal enrichment did not proceed in the periods of star formation, between these bursts of activity. ...
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9. Market Leader Elementary: Test File - Lewis Lansford - Lewis Lansford 12296407
... From the world's most informed business sources... a new language course for tomorrow's business leaders. Following on from MARKET LEADER UPPER INTERMEDIATE, MARKET LEADER ADVANCED is part of a distinctive, five-level business English course. ... The Test File provides 6 photocopiable tests - an entry test, 4 progress tests, and an exit test. ... This spectacular production by Jean-Pierre Ponnelle, with Nikolaus Harnoncourt's authoritative musical direction, was an international sensation. ...
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10. Цель: кратер Кабеус
... Анк а дня . ... Пояснение: Кратер Кабеус, находящийся примерно в ста километрах от Южного полюса Луны, был выбран целью для двух космических аппаратов миссии LCROSS (Lunar Crater Observation and Sensing Spacecraft космический аппарат для наблюдения и зондирования лунных кратеров), которые должны завтра упасть на Луну. ... Первым, в 11:30 по Всемирному времени, упадет разгонный блок Центавр. ... Через четыре минуты после первого падения, сам аппарат LCROSS также врежется в кратер Кабеус. ...
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11. *scc_to_utc* - Converting Spacecraft time to UTC
... QPOE event times are typically expressed in units of an on-board spacecraft clock. ... The conversion is automatically performed as part of the timing corrections in 8.7.2. The stand-alone task scc_to_utc allows conversion of an arbitrary spacecraft time to UTC. input files: xtimingdata$ ti> scc_to_utc tbl_fname = xtimingdata$ # ROSAT # conversion table input spacecraft clock time (1606720.) ...
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12. A Graphical Planning and Scheduling Toolkit for Astronomical Spacecraft
... A small yet powerful planning and scheduling toolkit has been built for the Submillimeter Wave Astronomy Satellite ( SWAS ) Small Explorer spacecraft. ... The simple design, minimal resource requirements and easy extensibility of the SWAS planning and scheduling toolkit should make it useful for other space astronomy missions. ... The relatively severe time and manpower constraints for the development of the SWAS Planning and Scheduling toolkit have forced it to remain small and simple. ...
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13. Irina Glushneva
... The main field of my investigations is stellar spectrophotometry. As a result of scientific activity of our group spectrophotometric catalog was created including energy distribution data on 900 stars in the range 3200-7600AA and 250 stars in the range 6000-10800AA (Voloshina et al., Spectrophotometry of Bright Stars, ed. I.N.Glushneva, 1982, Moscow, Nauka, in Russian). ...
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14. AGB and Post-AGB Evolution: Structural and Chemical Changes
... AA(Max-Planck-Institut f r Radioastronomie, 53121 Bonn, Germany), AB(Max-Planck-Institut f r Radioastronomie, 53121 Bonn, Germany), AC(Max-Planck-Institut f r Radioastronomie, 53121 Bonn, Germany), AD(Special Astrophysical Observatory, Nizhnij Arkhyz, 357147, Russia), AE(Stockholm Observatory, 13336 Saltsj baden, Sweden) . ... 241B Structural and chemical changes during the AGB and post-AGB evolution are discussed with respect to two recent observational and theoretical findings. ... Abstract Text ....
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15. Local Staff of RadioAstronomy Dept. of SAI
. Name . Position . E-mail . [ Go back to RadioAstronomy Dept ] . Andrew A. Martis . martis @ .
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16. SPUTNIK home page
Instrument . ... Scanning TV-sensor with on-board data recording system for global coverage mode . ... recording, direct transmission . ... IR-radiometer for global coverage and direct data transmission modes . ... The scientific instrument package onboard the Meteor-3 spacecraft provides for regular instant acquisition of images of cloudiness and Earth surface in visible and infra-red bands, data on air temperature and humidity, sea surface temperature and clouds temperature. ...
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... Planets, moons, asteroids and comets contain resources such as water and minerals, valuable to astronauts and potentially to Earth, with other elements such as platinum as a byproduct of the extraction. ... Lewis hoped we could defray cost s b y "bringing inexpensive products down to Earth. ... We could make travel to Mars cheaper by "bringing just enough fuel [to get there], then use the Martian CO2 atmosphere to go home. One ton of equipment will be able to produce 100 tons of fuel." ...
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18. Theta Crater (HR4468)
alpha(2000) = 11h 36m 40.91s , delta(2000) = -09d 48' 08.2'' . V = 4.70, B-V = -0.07, Spectral type: B9.5V . Field is 10.0 x 10.0 arcmin . Hamuy et al (1992, 1994) data (16A bins) . ftp access to visible wavelength data files for this standard .
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19. East Siberian Center for the Earth's Ionosphere Research. Specific character
... In spite of the good potential possibilities, some of the station "Dnepr" design characteristics did not allow us to apply the usual special IS radar measurement methods. ... Thus for IS signal measurements at the "Dnepr" station, we have developed special methods for recording and processing IS signals in order to determine plasma ionospheric parameters. ... Equations (4-5) from the basis for data post processing to obtain ionosphere parameters. ...
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20. Mesting A crater ephemeris. Explanations for Computer Ephemeris.
. Computer Ephemeris. Mesting A crater ephemeris. Explanations. This page is still under construction.
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