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1. Journal "Peremennye Zvezdy"
Peremennye Zvezdy ( Variable Stars ) 33 , No. ... I present the discovery of an eclipsing component in light variations of the known High-Amplitude Delta Scuti star GSC 1374-01131 based on the Catalina Surveys publicly available data. ... From a single night of their observations, the variable was classified as a HADS (High-Amplitude Delta Scuti) star, with the light elements: . ... The light curves of GSC 1374-01131 based on Catalina data, folded with periods of pulsations and eclipses. ...
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2. Catalogue of eclipsing variables
Catalogue of eclipsing variables (CEV) is the world's principal database of eclipsing binary systems with available classification. CEV contains identifications, classifications, photometry, periods, eclipses data, spectral types, references and notes for 7179 systems. Format of the current CEV . CEV main table (~1.0MB) . ... List of systems, erroneously classified as eclipsing binaries in GCVS (they are not included in the CEV main table) Download all files as a single archive (~0.6MB) . ...
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... They worked out that first magnitude was on average 100 times brighter than the 6th magnitude star. ... This formed an equation of apparent magnitude Mv which is: Mv = -2.5 log f + constant were f is the flux of that star f = ( counts/ exposure) The images that we worked on were taken by the Polar Bear Telescope. ... One of these being that it will be combined with standard stars, which will be used to identify the area of stars and to also help identify other stars within the image. ...
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THE 75th NAME-LIST OF VARIABLE STARS. ... The 75th Name-List consists of two tables. ... the literature, taken from positional catalogues, including USNO A1.0/A2.0 and GSC, or determined by the authors); the range of variability (sometimes the column Min gives, in parentheses, the amplitude of light variation; the symbol ( means that the star , in minimum light, becomes fainter, than the magnitude indicated); and the system of magnitudes used ( P are photographic ...
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5. General Catalogue of Variable Stars: Vols I-III (the new electronic version).
New GCVS Versions for Three Southern Constellations Peremennye Zvezdy (Variable Stars) 27, No. ... We are currently working on a version of the General Catalogue of Variable Stars (GCVS) revised taking into account the new data accumulated since the 4th GCVS edition. ... It will contain all stars of the 4th GCVS edition plus a complete catalogue of the stars added to the GCVS in the Name Lists of Variable Stars Nos. ...
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6. HST Spectral Maps of Accretion Disks in Cataclysmic Binaries
Next: Accretion Disks with Up: StarsStellar Populations, Previous: Spectroscopic Analysis of . ... We present and discuss spatially resolved spectra of the accretion disk and the gas stream region as a function of distance from disk center, the spectrum of the uneclipsed light, and the radial temperature distribution in the ultraviolet. Keywords: Accretion disks, Cataclysmic variables . ... In this paper we report on the HST spectral mapping of the nova-like UX UMa. ...
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7. The AstroStat Slog variable selection
... Posts tagged ?variable selection? ... arXiv:stat.ME:0910.2585] . Variable Selection and Updating In Model-Based Discriminant Analysis for High Dimensional Data with Food Authenticity Applications . ... Entries RSS . ... Algorithms arXiv Astro Bad AstroStat Bayesian CHASC Cross-Cultural Data Processing Fitting Frequentist Galaxies gamma-ray High-Energy Imaging Jargon Job Languages MC MCMC Meta Methods Misc News Nuggets Objects Optical Physics Quotes Spectral Stars Stat Timing Uncertainty X-ray . ...
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8. Pulsar Group PmWiki/Other Variables
... PmWiki . Summary: PmWiki group header. ... Link Variables | ... To have the page variable $MyVar produce the contents of the internal variable $myvar , many folks try the following which does not work: . ... FmtPV['$MyVar'] = $myvar; # WARNING: Doesn't work! There are several correct ways to do this, depending on whether you need the value of the $myvar variable as it was at the time the $FmtPV entry was created, or at the time that a particular instance of $MyVar is being rendered on a page. ...
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9. Eclipse elements for Computer Ephemeris for 2015 (DE200/LE200).
Computer Ephemeris for 2015 from DE200/LE200. Elements of the Total Lunar eclipse - 04 Apr 2015. ...
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10. Getting Started in Actor Prolog. Underdetermined Sets.
Underdetermined sets is a new type of data structures (terms) developed in Actor Prolog . ... The point is that an underdetermined set can include some indefinite rest (a tail) like a list in usual Prolog . At the same time, the order of elements of an underdetermined set can be arbitrary one and it does not affect results of unification of underdetermined sets. Moreover, Actor Prolog guarantees that a rest of an underdetermined set never contains elements that are explicitly given in the set. ...
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11. ADASS 2003 Conference Proceedings
... We present a project of an Information system on binary stars (ISBS). ... A first version of ISBS will contain astronomical data catalogues, related to observations of eclipsing binary stars. ... So, for statistical investigations it would be advisable to estimate fundamental parameters (such as mass and radius) for eclipsing binaries with unknown spectroscopic elements. ... Svechnikov M. A. 1986, The catalogue of orbital elements, masses and luminosities of close binary stars, Irkutsk, Irkutsk Univ...
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... V838 Mon is a member of a new class of eruptive variables which appear as a peculiar novae having late K-M type spectra in their outburst. Before its outburst, it was a wide binary system of B3V type stars. ... The B3V companion was seen in the outburst in the UV spectrum taken with HST (Rauch et al., ... In the latest spectra, the light of B3V companion was predominating in the short-wave photometric bands. ... CCD blue frames of V838 Mon before the eclipse (left) and in the eclipse (right). ...
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13. OptInt PmWiki : PmWiki / Other Variables
OptInt PmWiki : Pm Wiki / Other Variables . ... This variable is an array that is used for defining Page Variables . ... To have the page variable $MyVar produce the contents of the internal variable $myvar , many folks try the following which does not work: . ... There are several correct ways to do this, depending on whether you need the value of the $myvar variable as it was at the time the $FmtPV entry was created, or at the time that a particular instance of $MyVar is being rendered on a page. ...
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14. standard of astronomical data, catalogs
This section of library contains information about "classic" Star Catalogs. ... For a Henry Draper Catalog 272149 stars have received a total of 531,211 identifications in 7 сatalogs: . 270456 - in Astrographic Catalogue ( "Carte du Ciel", 4M), . 251943 - in Guide Stars Catalog (GSC), . ... A file with information on the components of 1788 of multiple systems in catalog HDEC (3681 component, or a combination thereof, with 4054 recording). ... A file with information about 21971 variable stars. ...
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15. Division of the Galaxy and Variable Stars
... Chubukova I. - Data Mining (2007) PDF Data Mining . Hand D. Mannila H. Smyth P. - Principles of data mining (2001) DJVU Data Mining . Mitra S. Acharya T. - Data mining (2003) (In Russian) DJVU Data Mining . Abbass H. Sarker R. Newton C. - Data Mining Heuristic Approach (2002) PDF Data Mining . Rao C. Wegman E. Solka J. - Handbook of Statistics Data Mining and Data Visualization (2004) PDF Data Mining . ... Whittet D. - Dust in galaxies (2003) PDF Межзвездная среда . ...
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16. (Untitled)
The elements of the numbered minor planets are given with respect to the ecliptic and equinox J2000.0. ... In the Table these values are given to 0.01. ... A dash indicates that there is no opposition in 2015. 1 a.u., 1.017 a.u. 1 a.u., q <= 1.017 a.u.), At stands for Aten type ( a . ... It should be noted that all objects included into the Tables of NEAs, Centaurs and transneptunian objects, and some unusual planets can be also found in the Table of elements and opposition dates of all minor planets. ...
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17. astro-ph
... astro-ph . ... A Catalog of almost 3900 variable stars . ... Properties of Dust Grains in Planetary Nebulae - I. The Ionized Region of NGC 6445 . ... A model of the ionized region is constructed, using the photo-ionization code CLOUDY 90.05. ... The most likely conclusion is that grains are residing inside the ionized region of NGC 6445 and that the low temperature and flux of the grain emission are caused by the low luminosity of the central star and the low optical depth of the grains. ...
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18. Observational Techniques: Units and Coordinates Notes
The aim of this section of the course is to familiarise you with celestial Coordinates. ... I found some good notes explaining the celestial coordinate system on the web: . ... 1st Dec: 04hr, 00min In addition to the equatorial coordinates described in the notes above, astronomers also use (at least) two other coordinate systes: galactic coordinates and ecliptic coordinates. ... Ecliptic coordinates use the ecliptic (the Earth's path around the sun) as the equator, and are used for solar system work. ...
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ADC CATALOG HOLDINGS SHORT TITLE LIST March 29, 2002 (adapted from Category 1: Astrometric and Positional Data - March 29, 2002 1090 Positions of 502 Stars in Pleiades Region (Eichhorn+ 1970) 1107A Washington Cat Visual Double Stars 1984.0 (Worley, Douglass 1984) 1131A SAO Star ...
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20. New kind of variable star discovered |
... Star Atlas . ... The double star 54 Leonis, spiral galaxy NGC 3198, and emission nebula NGC 3199 . ... New kind of variable star discovered . ... Careful observations of these stars by a group from the Geneva Observatory using the Swiss 1.2-meter Leonhard Euler Telescope at ESOт??s La Silla Observatory in Chile have shown that 36 of the stars are of a new and unknown class of variable star. ... They have discovered a new class of variable stars by measuring minute variations in stellar brightness. ...
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