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1. Supernova 2009js in NGC 918
Supernova 2009js in NGC 918 . This page is devoted to information on Supernova 2009js in NGC 918 . Basic information on this SN, including the last reported brightness, on this Supernova can be found on the main page . Information on the original web pages for many of these images can be found on the updates and links web pages. Discovered independently by Lick Observatory Supernova Search (USA) and Koichi Itagaki (Japan). ... 2009/10/11.44 . 17.2 . ... Joseph Brimacombe . ...
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2. APOD: 2012 July 16 - Fifth Moon Discovered Orbiting Pluto
Discover the cosmos! Each day a different image or photograph of our fascinating universe is featured, along with a brief explanation written by a professional astronomer. 2012 July 16 . Fifth Moon Discovered Orbiting Pluto . ... Explanation: A fifth moon has been discovered orbiting Pluto. The moon was discovered earlier this month in images taken by the Hubble Space Telescope in preparation for the New Horizons mission's scheduled flyby of Pluto in 2015. ... About APOD | ...
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3. First X-Rays From a Comet Discovered
A team of U.S. and German astrophysicists have made the first ever detection of X-rays coming from a comet. ... Following the initial detection, the team reported repeated X-ray emissions from the comet over the next 24 hours. ... One preliminary theory is that X-ray emission from the Sun was absorbed by a cloud of gaseous water molecules surrounding the nucleus of the comet, and then were re-emitted by the molecules in a process physicists call "fluorescence." ... Comets . ...
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4. XWare > APOD
... A Total Solar Eclipse . ... Gamma rays are more than 10,000 times more energetic than visible light. ... The surface of Titan, Saturn's largest moon, is normally hidden from view by its thick, hazy atmosphere. ... Globular Cluster M5 . ... Stars orbit the center of the cluster, and the cluster orbits the center of our Galaxy. ... Named Dwingeloo 1, this nearby galaxy was only discovered recently (1994) because much of its light was obscured by dust, gas and bright stars of our own Milky Way galaxy. ...
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5. Asteroid Gaspra
Gaspra . ... On October 29, 1991, Galileo came within 1,600 kilometers (1,000 miles) of Gaspra. ... These two color views of the asteroid Gaspra were produced by combining three images taken through violet, green, and infrared filters by the Galileo spacecraft on October 29, 1991, from a distance of about 16,000 kilometers (10,000 miles). ... The earliest view (upper left) was taken 5 hours, 45 minutes before closest approach when the spacecraft was 164,000 kilometers (102,000 miles) from Gaspra. ...
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6. ESO finds weird doomed planet from another galaxy | Astronotes
Astronotes Armagh Planetarium's Stellar Blog! ... Planets . ... Our Galaxy . ... Weird and Fun . ... It came from another galaxy: This artistтАЩs impression shows HIP 13044 b, an exoplanet orbiting a star that entered our galaxy from beyond. ... HIP 13044 is one of tens of millions of stars in the тАЬHelmi streamтАЭ, stars that belonged to a dwarf galaxy consumed by our own Milky Way galaxy, some six to nine billion years ago. ... Tweets that mention ESO finds weird doomed planet from another galaxy | ...
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7. smalltelae
The small solids. Asteroids or the small planetes . ... The comets. ... Ceneca the Young.Procuring about the nature.63 y. The comet is a celestial body of a great size, but a rare one... transparent. Sometimes there seen a core and the medium forms a kind of a tail, beard or dishevelled looks. ... The core is an ice body - conglomeration of frosted gas and dust. ... The comet state is variable: ones have the con tails, others the dust tails, and the third have both. ... Meteors and meteorites. ...
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8. ASP: What If the Moon Didn't Exist?
... I normally begin by asking the class what they think would be different if the Moon didn't exist, or if the Sun were closer to Earth, or if a star exploded nearby. ... The winds would be much stronger. ... In using what-if questions in the classroom, it is worth bearing in mind that students extrapolating the effects of new scenarios will encounter two different situations: direct changes to the new version of Earth and indirect changes resulting from the direct changes. ...
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9. Spinning Star Formation
... Instead, new evidence obtained using the UK's Infrared Telescope (UKIRT) in Hawaii, spins a different story. Streams of spinning bullets have been discovered. These infrared bullets, moving at prodigious speeds, deposit the spin far away from the birth region'' , stated Armagh Observatory astronomer Dr. Michael Smith. ... Now, using the UK Infrared telescope in Hawaii fitted with sensitive instruments, a team of astronomers have found evidence that the jets of bullets are spinning. ...
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10. Scientifically discovered God
Next: Endlessly Complicated World Up: No Title Previous: Tsiolkovskii's Paradox . ... Really, we have consisely expresed a materialistic, atheistic, scientific point of view and have discovered God, the scientifically supported God. ... Equally, we cannot admit an infinite complication of the world and its successful cognizability (i.e. the existence of a mind in an infinitely complicated world) without admission of Superintelligence -- the scientifically discovered God . ...
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... On one clear, starry night a Portuguese explorer called Ferdinand Magellan sailed over the equator to the Southern Hemisphere. ... Since the southern half of the planet is facing a different direction in space than the north, southerners see different stars and galaxies than the northerners do. Looking at this new set of stars, Magellan noticed what looked like a blurry cloud. ... We now know that the LMC is a dwarf galaxy, about 10 times smaller than the Milky Way (our home galaxy). ...
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12. Astronomy Plus CCD Images of Galaxies
. Go Here for Hubble Ultra Deep Field . ___________________________________________________________________ The Electronic Universe Project e-mail:
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13. Another violent galaxy cluster collision discovered |
... galaxies . ... Another violent galaxy cluster collision discovered . The so-called Musket Ball Cluster is the sixth such merging cluster with separation between normal matter and dark matter that astronomers have found. ... A system of colliding galaxy clusters, nicknamed the Musket Ball Cluster, has been discovered. ... The newly discovered system has been nicknamed the т??Musket Ball Clusterт?? because the cluster collision is older and slower than the Bullet Cluster. ... Discover | ...
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... Passed the church and the steeple, the laundry on the hill Billboards and the buildings Memories of it still keep calling And calling But forget it all I know I will Tempted by the fruit of another Tempted but the truth is discovered What's been going on Now that you have gone There's no other Tempted by the fruit of another Tempted but the truth is discovered I'm at the carpark, the airport, the baggage carousel The people keep on grabbing, ain't wishing I was well I said, "It's no occasion. ...
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15. проект11
... The USA. ... American Symbols. Holidays in the USA. The Wild West. ... Columbus discovered America in 1492 but he thought it was the coast of India. ... The original inhabitants of North America were the Indians. ... The United States of America (USA) occupies a large territory between 49 and 25 N. L. (North Latitude). ... The United States has Thousands of lakes all kinds and sizes. ... The waters of the five lakes have their outlet into the Atlantic O cean by the St. Lawrence River. ...
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16. New LBV Star Discovered in the Galaxy
... Luminous blue variable (LBV) stars are the most massive stars with 40-120 solar masses, which are passing the short stage of evolution losing their hydrogen envelopes before exploding as Supernovae. These are extremely rare objects, only about a dozen of the most massive LBVs are known in the Galaxy. ... In the spectral observations of stars with infrared circular nebulae, found in the Spitzer survey (24 microns), a new LBV star in the Galaxy was discovered. It was named MN112. ...
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... There is a significant undiagnosed problem that can occur in time series datasets. ... The data were organized in packets inside the HSP, and were treated as packets all the way through the system until the HST ground system at STScI reformatted them into a simple time series. ... Extensive analyses were performed by the HSP team and by experts in the operation of the Science Data Formatter (SDF), the packet interface to which the HSP sends data. ...
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... At the end I find myself in a room by a window, or at the edge of a field, with the same clear sky above me wherein later I will imagine clouds, as if some movement were required. ... I place myself among them. ... But this is not my family although it is you who are dying, your words I am again unable to imagine as everything continues sliding together in the light, that day so easily changed to this one, the sky that is so blue, and the clouds that cross my gaze with such terrible speed. ...
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... The name Discovery Date mag Size(m) Publication MASTER -Observatory --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- HAZARDOUS ASTEROIDS : 7 MASTER HAZARD Asteroid 2015 UM67 2015 Oct 28.88218 16.9 940m MPEC 2015-V01 MASTER -SAAO automatically MASTER software 6 MASTER rediscovered HAZARD Asteroid 2011 QG21 2015 Aug 17.94764 17.2 300m MPEC 2015-Q28 ...
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20. XWindow display
Next: Using Image Memories Up: Image Displays Previous: True Colour or . With the term XWindow display we refer to a bitmapped screen supporting the XWindow environment. ... For example, display screens of different sizes may be created and different number of image channels may be connected to any one display. ... You may create several image displays at the same time on your bitmapped screen even though only one display can be the current active display at any time. ... Using Image Memories . ...
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