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1. Galaxy sector, archive 2012
... Contacts . 2012: . ... We refined the fundamental parameters of the components, the orbital periods, and the conditions of photospheric heating of the secondary component by the ultraviolet radiation of the hot component. ... The observations of the star clusters associated with ultra-luminous x-ray sources (ULXs) in four galaxies on the 6-meter and VLT telescopes have shown that all the ULXs are located within 200pc of very young star clusters (younger than 5 million years). ... Archive . ...
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2. IAU Symp317 Scientific Program
Topics covered by the IAU Symp. ... Do all galaxies have stellar halos? ... Stellar tracers of the MW halo and nearby galaxies; the stellar population of star clusters and their contribution to the galaxy halos . ... NEW: Scientific program of the IAU Symposium 317 can be downloaded here . ... GLOBAL PROPERTIES OF STELLAR HALOS FROM THE MILKY WAY TO EXTERNAL GALAXIES . ... DISCRETE CONSTITUENTS OF STELLAR HALOS IN THE MILKY WAY AND IN EXTERNAL GALAXIES : PLANETARY NEBULAE and GLOBULAR CLUSTERS . ...
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Formation of intra-group HI gas through multiple galaxy encounters and ram pressure stripping Kenji Bekki (ICRAR at UWA, Australia) (Figures from APOD) Physical processes that drive galaxy evolution in different environments. (a) Ram pressure stripping due to hot intergalactic medium in clusters. ... Ram pressure of warm/hot intra-group gas on extended gaseous (HI) disks of galaxies in small groups and filaments (with Westmeier T. et al. ... 2011) Gas kinematics of disk galaxies under ram pressure. ...
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4. Starburst and Galaxy Evolution
... Johnson, K. E., Leitherer, C., Vacca, W. D., Conti, P. S. AJ, 120, 1273 (2000) . ... Sirianni, M., Nota, A., Leitherer, C., De Marchi, G., Clampin, M. ApJ, 533, 203 (2000) . B stars as a diagnostic of star formation at low and high redshift . ... Photon and metal production in starburst galaxies . ... Star formation in starburst galaxies . Leitherer, C. in Star Formation From the Small From the Small to the Large Scale, ed. F. Favata, A. A. Kaas, A. Wilson (Noordwijk: ESA), 37 (2000) . ...
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5. Galaxy Evolution: Cosmological evolution of star formation
... Galaxy Evolution home . ... Regulating the ISM and star formation . Cosmological evolution of star-forming galaxies . The origin and evolution of radio sources . Radio sources and their environments . ... Observations of the local Universe clearly demonstrate that very active star formation phases (starbursts) are often associated with interacting and merging galaxies and that in these systems much of the short wavelength emission is absorbed by dust and re-emitted in the IR. ...
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6. Astronomy HyperText Book: Stellar Clusters
Stellar Clusters are very useful laboratories for empirically studying stellar evolution. ... All cluster stars are at the same distance . All cluster stars have the same physical age . ... CM diagram Young Cluster In this case we see the Main Sequence fully represented. The blue dots represent massive stars with short main sequence lifetimes. ... Thus, identifying the most massive star which is still on the main sequence is an effective means of determining the age of a stellar cluster. ...
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7. Initial Distributions of Binary Parameters
Next: Star Formation Rate and Up: No Title Previous: Calculation of Evolutionary Tracks . To start calculations, we choose the distributions of the initial binary parameters: the mass of the primary ZAMS component, , binary mass ratio, , orbital separation a . ... whereas the mass ratio distribution is not. ... The zero assumption often made is that the mass ratio distribution has a flat shape, that is binaries with a high mass ratio occur as frequently as those with equal masses. ...
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8. The Laboratory of Astrometry
... Observatory . ... The Laboratory of Astrometry . Dept. for Physics of Stars&Galaxies . ... Astronomical Calendar . ... UkrVO . ... The purpose of research: Creating a stellar catalog to study the structure and kinematics of star systems, including open star clusters and stars with large proper motions; the enhancement ICRF / Hipparcos system to stars dawn to 17 m (V); Search of binary systems of brown dwarfs and determination of their parameters; astrometry of minor bodies of the Solar System. ...
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9. A 20 cm VLA survey of Abell clusters of galaxies
... We have made observations of the Perseus cluster with the Westerbork Telescope at 610 MHz. ... Several newly detected sources are identified with cluster galaxies. ... No evidence is found for the existence of the previously reported ~ 65'x25' cluster halo, 3C 84B. Key words: radio galaxies - clusters - tailed radio sources buoyancy The Perseus Cluster of galaxies is one of the most fascinating systems accessible to extragalactic astronomers. ...
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10. SAI Open Star Clusters (SAI OCL) Catalog
... Structure of Data . ... Catalog . ... In SAI OCL Catalog, we introduce our work on investigation of the Milky Way system of open star clusters. The main goal of our study is a search for new clusters using huge surveys. 168 new clusters have been already discovered by us using J,H,Ks data from 2MASS point source catalog. ... For 141 new clusters, we found their physical parameters using J,H,Ks data from 2MASS catalog and, for a number of clusters, our UBVRI CCD observational magnitudes. ...
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... Chandra Observation of DEEP2 Galaxy Groups and Clusters . ... Monday: 'Normal' Galaxies, Tuesday: Cluster Formation and Evolution . ... Statistics of galaxy groups in ultradeep XMM surveys. ... What can multiwavelength observations tell about cluster/group formation as well as galaxy evolution? ... I will present results from a Chandra study of eight low-redshift clusters that has systematically measured the AGN fraction in clusters and describe their spatial, kinematic, and host galaxy...
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