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1. "Stargazers" and National Science Standards
... The material in "From Stargazers to Starships" meets several important requirements of the national standards. Pages cited below are from National Science Education Standards National Academy Press, Washington 1995. ... For example: the sections on astronomy not only describe calendars and sundials (including their construction), but also the astronomy of the ancient Greeks, including two different ways in which ancient Greeks estimated the distance to the Moon. ...
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2. Metadata Standards
... ATNF Home . About ATNF . ... About ATNF overview . ... Australia Telescope Steering Committee . ... Australia Telescope User Committee . ... Astrophysics graduate student programs . ... Australian Square Kilometre Array Pathfinder . Murchison Radio-astronomy Observatory . ... Parkes radio telescope . Australia Telescope Compact Array . Mopra radio telescope . ... Visiting Parkes radio telescope . Visiting Australia Telescope Compact Array . ... Parkes radio telescope webcam . ...
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3. ASP: Black Holes to Blackboards: Building Universes in the Classroom
... Although many of the images are used for teacher-driven activities, students do have the opportunity to work with scientists on original research projects. ... The primary goal is to have teachers experience astronomy research and then to bring the research data into their classrooms via the internet. ... They also learn how to process their data, build a solar telescope to take home to their classrooms, and learn background information from astronomers in each of the three research areas. ...
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4. Students and young scientists from 10 countries will participate in SSAU Summer
... Pre-university education . ... On August 24, the Tenth International Summer Space School Future Space Technologies and Experiments in Space will be opened in Samara State Aerospace University. Its participants will be 40 students and young scientists from universities and scientific and research centres in Sweden, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Great Britain, France, Peru, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Russia. ... It is expected that participants of SSAU Summer Space School 2014 will be the students from: . ...
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5. Information for Students on the Womens Science Forum
... Information for Students on the Womens Science Forum . ... Events . ... Summer Student . ... The Women's Science Forum wants to help you to meet other young women with the same questions, as well as meet women that have built successful careers in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. At WSF events you will be given opportunities to speak directly to women scientists and engineers about what they do, and how they made their decision to go into their respective fields. ...
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6. PAUL J. GREEN - Peer Instruction
Order my book on Peer Instruction for Astronomy ! ... The book includes hundreds of ConcepTests, and was distributed FREE to most intro astro instructors across the country. ... By encouraging student participation and interaction during the lecture, Peer Instruction encourages students to critically think through the arguments being developed, and to discuss their ideas and insights with their neighbors. ... Student satisfaction with the courses have been high. ... Back to Paul Green's HomePage . ...
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7. University Problem Based Learning Exercises for Teaching Astronomy and Physics
... The Australian National University] [Department of Physics] [Paul Francis] [Main Roleplay Page] . These exercises are my attempt to adapt the technique of Problem Based Learning to the context of introductory astronomy and astrophysics classes. ... As students grapple with the puzzle, they are forced to learn the subject matter of the course. ... This exercise is designed for 1st year University students with a reasonable high-school background in Maths and Physics. ...
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8. Astronomy HyperText Book: Stellar Evolution
... Stellar Evolution is driven entirely by the never ending battle between Pressure and Gravity . As imbalances are reached, the star is driven to find a new Energy source. ... Pressure and gravitational forces are equal, the star is stable and its core is sufficiently hot to fuse Hydrogen into Helium More about main sequence stars . ... The luminosity generated by the core fusion of Helium into Carbon is far greater than the shell luminosity associated with the fusion of Hydrogen into Helium. ...
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9. High Performance Computing Course
Participants of the High Performance Computing courses held at the Armagh Observatory. Staff and students from institutions throughout the island of Ireland have visited the Armagh Observatory to attend three advanced courses on High Performance Computing (HPC) over the 4-day period 16th to 19th February 2009. ... The advanced HPC courses were delivered by staff from the Irish Centre for High-End Computing and the National University of Ireland, Galway . ...
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Johnson Space Center Resort ATTRACT To inspire the next generation, several programs focus on high school level and minority students. ... NASA Scholars: Various programs offer students who attend minority-serving colleges an opportunity to participate in summer internships at JSC in their pursuit of NASA-related majors. ... Cooperative Education Program (Co-op): This is the largest student employment program and a path that is used by many students to become a federal employee at JSC. ...
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11. Observing for Students and Visitors
... Moore Observatory is a research and advanced teaching facility of the University of Louisville. ... The 24-inch Ritchie Chretien (RC24) telescope is a research instrument used by faculty and graduate students involved in studies of exoplanets, optical properties of the atmosphere, and the development of imaging and spectroscopic technology. ... Kent (CDK20S) are collaboratively operated by the University of Louisville and the University of Southern Queensland for both research and education. ...
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12. Karazin University
... Schools . ... Dean?s Office . Departments . ... Aquatic Ecology Laboratory . ... School of History . ... Ancient and Medieval History Department . ... History ofљEastern Europe Department . Modern and Contemporary History Department . Ukrainian History Department . ... University History Museum . ... History of Foreign Literature and Classical Philology Department . History of Russian Literature Department . History of Ukrainian Literature Department . ... School of Physics . ...
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13. Ed Rivera-Valentin
... Research . ... Students . ... PlanetTreky: Treking the planets at Arecibo . ... Graduate Student, Ph.D. Candidate, Universidad de Granada . ... Current status: Undergraduate student at the University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez majoring in Physics . ... Current status: Research Assistant at the University of Texas at Austin . ... Current Status: Postdoctoral Researcher at Southwest Research Institute . ... How to Apply : Interested students should send an email to Dr. Rivera-Valentin . ...
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14. Astrophysical School Traektoria
Фонд поддержки научных образовательных и культурных инициатив "Траектория" и Специальная астрофизическая обсерватория РАН проводят Первую астрофизическую школу "Траектория" с 8-го по 21-е августа 2016 года. ... ведущий науч. сотрудник докт.физ.-мат. наук Григорий Меерович Бескин, . ведущий науч. сотрудник докт.физ.-мат. наук Олег Васильевич Верходанов, . ведущий науч. сотрудник докт.физ.-мат. наук Евгений Леонидович Ченцов . ...
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15. Астронет > Stars and Planets ? A project in Astronomy
... Stars and Planets ? A project in Astronomy . ... During the first few months of 2001 year, students at our teacher training institutes (six in St. Petersburg, ten in Amsterdam, three in Stockholm and one student in Vietnam) have been working together in an international project in Astronomy. ... In this paper, we report on the project. ... While studying their topics, students in each country had regular contact with their tutor (at least once a week during the ten-week period of the project). ...
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16. Affiliated Programs
Princeton University . Texas Tech University . University of North Texas . University of Texas at Arlington . Winona State University . ... As a world-renowned research university, Princeton seeks to achieve the highest levels of distinction in the discovery and transmission of knowledge and understanding. ... The University's generous financial aid program ensures that talented students from all economic backgrounds can afford a Princeton education. ...
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17. Student Research at Manastash Ridge Observatory
Follow-up observations with the University of Washington 0.76 m telescope at Manastash Ridge Observatory (MRO) of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS) cataclysmic variable (CV) SDSS J170053+400358 are presented. ... They estimate that the dimming amounted to about 0.028 mag (using two comparison stars that were each about 4 mag fainter than HD 209458). only UW affiliated authors have been listed, student researchers are marked with an ``*'' . ... XTE J1859+226" UW affiliated authors: *Kevin Krisciunas. ...
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18. Northern Ireland's New Space Science Technology Course | Astronotes
Astronotes Armagh Planetarium's Stellar Blog! ... Many of the topics studied will have a local perspective, helping learners become better equipped to meet the needs of Northern IrelandтАЩs economy in an international context. ... Learners in the Space Science Technology qualification will build upon their existing skills in science, maths, engineering and ICT, and will use their new-found knowledge to solve real-life problems. ... Northern IrelandтАЩs New Space Science Technology Course | ...
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19. Department of Solid State Physics MIPT
Chair of solid state physics . ... Students and postgraduate students . ... Curriculum and courses' programs . ... The Chair of solid state physics of MIPT was created on the basis of Institute of solis state physics (ISSP) of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) in 1964. ... From the very beginning the training of specialists with profound knowledge of fundamental bases of solid state physics, and both structural, and its electronic aspects was the main objective of the Chair. ...
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20. Arcetri designs innovative superconductor microwave filters for the Sardinia
... Staff . ... Friends of Arcetri . ... Arcetri designs innovative superconductor microwave filters for the Sardinia Ratio Telescope . ... A new microwave component based on HTS technology has been presented in a recent issue of the Journal of Astronomical Instrumentation, produced by World Scientific Publishing Company, in the article тАЬ A high temperature superconductor microwave filter working in C-band for the Sardinia Radio Telescope тАЭ by Pietro Bolli and collaborators (Fig.1). ...
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