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1. SSAU plans to create a laboratory for structural dynamic analysis of aircraft
... SSAU History . ... Representatives of SSAU and the Polytechnic University of Turin held talks in Samara to discuss prospects for development of international cooperation in structural dynamic analysis of rotar systems of aircraft engines. ... During the negotiations, it was agreed to establish a research laboratory for structural dynamic analysis of aircraft engines in SSAU. ... Daniel Vernyano, Professor Muzio Gola and Professor Sergey Falaleev in SSAU museum of aviation and space exploration . ...
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2. Creation of Space transportation system on the base of large length rope
... Creation of Space transportation system on the base of large length rope utilization . ... A given address contains the proposal to equip the International Space Station with the long rope and to create on that base a Space transportation system. ... A given system has the multifunctional purpose. ... The rope system could be the base for creating of alternative system of station angular orientation. To utilize the rope system to launch small satellites from the station and to return them back. ...
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3. Creative Lab's DVD Encore
The HyperNews Linux KHG Discussion Pages . ... Keywords: DVD Encore drivers creativelabs Linux . ... From: Brandon < > . ... A friend of mine told me how interesting and engrossing it was so I grabbed it off the net and installed it on my system. ... I have Creative Lab's DVD Encore and I haven't found any drivers for it to play movies in X Windows. ... If so, please let me know and I'll be happy to receive them. If not, I have a friend who's willing to write the drivers. ...
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4. Creating Deadly Moons at Wexford Town Library | International Year of Astronomy
. Home . News . Gallery . Events . Twitter . Press Releases . Links . Contact Us . Calendar . Press & Web Coverage . Previous . Next . List . Wednesday, 15 July 2009 21:38 . International Year of Astronomy, Ireland National Node . [Back To Top] .
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5. Second: Create a session on the correlator control computer lbaccc
... ATNF Home . ... About ATNF overview . ... Australia Telescope Steering Committee . ... Next: Third: Create a session Up: Starting up correlator control Previous: First: Log on to б  Contents . Both the correlator interface and the correlator spectra display program are run from lbaccc . ... lbaccc . ... A more complete explanation of SPD, including available commands, is found in Appendix C. Next: Third: Create a session Up: Starting up correlator control Previous: First: Log on to б  Contents . ...
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6. SpaceExpo
INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION . Space technologies - to serve the society" Kyiv, Khreschatik street, 2 24-28 August 2001 . Exhibition Official Site Site Map Eng Rus Ukr . About exhibition . ... Are You going to visit space exhibition in Kiev? ... I'll try . I'd like, but I can't . ... No, I'll follow the site . ... Space-inform " Company ...
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7. In The Beginning, God Created......prophecy - an Astronomy Net God Science
God Science Forum Message . Forums: . ... God and Science ћ SETI ћ Software ћ UFO ћ XEphem . ... God and Science | ... In The Beginning, God Created......prophecy . ... I am beginning to believe that Genesis creation is about the creation of prophecy as much as it is a statement that God is the creator. ... So I ask, are you (anyone) willing to consider Gen 1 2 as stories of prophecy or are you determined that it is either about science or a literal 7-day creation? ... . ...
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8. Why doesn't the International Space Station rotate to create artificial gravity
... US state, Canadian province, or country . ... An artificial comet holds secrets to Earths life . ... space flight . ... space physics . ... Why doesn't the International Space Station rotate to create artificial gravity like stations in the movies? ... RELATED TOPICS: INTERNATIONAL SPACE STATION . The International Space Station is a one-of-a-kind lab-oratory for a specific reason: microgravity. ... Get instant access to subscriber content on! ...
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RUSSIAN-AUSTRALIAN RESEARCH SCHOOL MICRO-SATELLITE "KOLIBRI-2000": BASIC RULES of DEVELOPMENT . A characteristic feature of the project "Kolibri-2000" is the solution of the task of using micro-satellites in the interests of improving school education and involving schoolchildren in space technologies. ... A radioline in the radio amateur frequency range is employed on Kolibri-2000 to dump scientific payload data to the participants in the Project. ...
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10. GIMP: Tips and Tricks for Creating Images
These are tips I've either worked out myself or gathered from the discussions on the Gimp Mailing list. ... I didn't put up images for each of them because that would take up alot of disk space and my ISP charges a premium for disk space. ... Basic Text Tricks . ... Duplicate the image ( filters/channel ops/duplicate ) . ... Vertical: yes Offset the blurred image ( filters/channel ops/offset ) . ... Blur the image ( Filters/Channel Ops/Blur ) . ... Blur the image using Filters/Channel Ops/Blur . ...
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11. Creating Your Source Tree
GTK+ / Gnome Application Development . ... Overview of a Gnome Source Tree . ... Almost all Gnome applications use the same build system based on the GNU tools automake , autoconf , and libtool . ... Beginning with this chapter and continuing throughout Part 2 of the book, a sample application called GnomeHello will be used to demonstrate Gnome features. ... Together, these tools are used to create a portable shell script called configure ; configure is distributed to users with your software package. ...
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A very important stage in a story of formation of any new science is the shift from discussion of situation which are possible but do not occur in practice due to some reason to recognition of real phenomena of interest. ... We suggest to consider computer viruses as this new specific form of life which is coming in the contact with our form of life. ... Computer life has been created by human being, the role of independent evolution of computer viruses seems to be still negligible. ...
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13. Pillars of Creation in Eagle Nebula | ESO
... Science User Portal . ... ESO, the European Southern Observatory . ... ESO's Governing Bodies . ... Travel and Contacts . Travel to ESO Headquarters . ... Travel to E-ELT Armazones . ... Survey Telescopes . ... Star Clusters . ... Stars@ESO . ... ESO Science Newsletter . ... ESO 3.6-metre telescope . ... MPG/ESO 2.2-metre telescope . ... ESO 1-metre Schmidt telescope . ... ESO Press Video eso0142 shows the Hubble and VLT views of the head of Column 1 of the Pillars of Creation in Eagle Nebula (cf. ...
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14. exhibition
Exhibition of the creative work of the participants of the international project " Beautiful places - open hearts" 2001-2002 . We kindly invite you to admire creative work of pupils from all over the world, to assess their creativity, to read their verses, to look at their drawings and their visiting cards, and write to them letters! We invite you to take part in the international educational projects of the Centre of Education in 2002/2003. Zelenogorsk, Russia . ... Washington, USA . ...
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15. Recreating Einstein Level One Processing Exposure Masks and Background Maps in
... This paper describes the main algorithms used by the Einstein Level One processing to create the exposure masks and the background maps for Einstein IPC images, and how these algorithms were recreated in the IRAF environment. Our goal was to recreate the algorithms used by the Level One Processing to create exposure masks and background maps for Einstein Image Proportional Counter (IPC) data (cf. sections 2.5 and 2.7 of Harnden et al. ...
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16. Tour of VMS for First-Time Users
... This section is a brief tutorial for first-time VMS users. Commands introduced here will not be described in detail--more involved discussions will be left to later chapters. ... For example, if you type SHOW without an argument, the system will respond with _What: If you forget the form of a command, type HELP command . ... PRINT JUNK.TXT To get rid of a file you don't need, use the DELETE command followed by the complete file name--including file type and version number. ... Commands . ...
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17. Creation of background spectrum and lightcurve; screening of periods of high
... If requested ( runbackground =Y), the task creates a background lightcurve, as well as a background spectrum for the imaging modes (FF, eFF, LW, SW) using background masks. ... The background masks are created by task badpixfind using threshold parameters, appropriate for the detection of real X-ray sources. ... As the GTIs strongly depend on the intended science this screening is not performed and only background masks, the lightcurve, and a GTI file are created by epchain . ...
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18. Database of Optical Constants -- Level: welcome
The database contains references to the papers, data files and links to the Internet resources related to measurements and calculations of the optical constants in the wavelength interval from X-rays to radio domain. ... References to some useful books and reviews on the subject (e.g. the classical handbooks edited by E.D.Palik) and links to Internet collections of optical constants and personal WWW pages with related software were also placed in the database. You have arrived at our welcome page. ...
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19. Колготки для кукол Zapf Creation Baby Annabell 2 пары 792-261 в ассортименте -
... Бренд: Zapf Creation, Тип: Колготки для кукол . Аксессуары для кукол . ... Пособие содержит темы, подготовленные на основе базовой учебной программы по дисциплине "Банковский маркетинг". ...
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20. Examples of creating files
. To create a file with the cat command: cat > memo remember to make appointment at opticians get cost of scheduled flight to Athens Ctrl-d . This creates a file called memo in the current directory containing two lines of text. To create a file with the echo command: echo use an editor for large files > tips . This creates a file called tips in the current directory containing a single line of text.
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