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1. Supernova Remnant (SNR) Catalogue or Catalog of Galactic SNRs
2014 May version . ... Green D. A., 2014 , Bulletin of the Astronomical Society of India, 42 , 47-58. ( .pdf , or ) If you make use of the detailed version of the catalogue, then plaese also cite: . Green D. A., 2014, `A Catalogue of Galactic Supernova Remnants (2014 May version)' , Cavendish Laboratory, Cambridge, United Kingdom (available at "" ). ... Copyright D. A. Green 2014. 25872nd access to this version of the catalogue. ...
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2. mod_session_cookie - Apache HTTP Server
Modules | ... Apache HTTP Server Version 2.4 . ... Cookie based session support . ... session_cookie_module . ... The session modules make use of HTTP cookies, and as such can fall victim to Cross Site Scripting attacks, or expose potentially private information to clients. ... Name and attributes for the RFC2109 cookie storing the session . ... The SessionCookieName directive specifies the name and optional attributes of an RFC2109 compliant cookie inside which the session will be stored. ...
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3. Overview
... Each is linked to 3-6 detailed files, telling a more complete story, and those in turn may have other links, including history sections which tell about the related history. ... Each is linked to either the next item in sequence, or else to the related historical overview. ... You can also link here to a self-contained overview of the early history of magnetism...note that links to all files are given in their proper order on the home page, linked here and also at the end of any "Exploration" file. ...
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4. Crydee.sai.msu.(ru,su) Archive
The site content is primarily OS/2-oriented, although I also keep large sections dedicated to music (rock/pop lyrics, MIDI XG files). ... If you already know what you want, you might try search . ... Currently, HTTP transfers are limited to files smaller than 128KB. ... Multi-file downloads, however, are always through HTTP. ... Please do not send me questions like "how to use this file which I found on your site" or "where can I find the best MPEG3 player for Windows95", I will not answer them. ...
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5. Overview
This web site can be used in many ways: ...look up one of the 8 summary files below. Each is linked to 3-6 detailed files, telling a more complete story, and those in turn may have other links, including history sections which tell about the related history. ... You can also link here to a self-contained overview of the early history of magnetism...note that links to all files are given in their proper order on the home page, linked here and also at the end of any "Exploration" file. ...
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6. Sternberg Astronomical Institute
SAI 175 anniversary . ... Moscow University . Search for in SAI Moscow University Search for in Russian astronomical resources . ... SAI Astronomical Databases . ... Browse SAI Software archive( . ASTRONET.RU - Russian Astronomical Network (available in translit also) . ... SAI Supernovae Research Group . ... Department of the Galaxy and Variable Stars (in Russian) . Sternberg Astronomical Institute Seminars . ... All-Russian Astronomical Olympiad (in Russian) . ...
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7. Document Format Descriptions
The Call for Proposals and HST Primer are (only) available electronically in HTML and PDF formats. The HTML version is optimized for on-line browsing, and contains many links to related or more detailed information, both within the document itself and within other STScI documents. ... Please choose the format appropriate for your printer. ... Depending on your browser, you may obtain a nicer layout if you instruct your browser to use its default fonts, instead of the document-specific fonts. ...
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8. AstroAsciiData
... AstroAsciiData is a Python module to handle ASCII tables. ... The idea to develop this Python module emerged from the fact that ASCII tables continue to be one of the most popular and widely used data exchange formats in astronomy and probably science in general. ... To load this ASCII table, go into Python, load the AstroAsciiData module and read in the table with: . ... demo ='webexa.txt') . ... Users who only want to work with ASCII tables neeed no further python modules. ...
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9. PPTA Wiki | PmWiki / AccessKeys
... Editing this wiki . ... Access keys (See also Wikipedia:access keys ) are keyboard shortcuts for tasks that would otherwise require a mouse click. ... Key Name . ... In this case one must edit the template file itself in order to change the access keys. ... The list of access key assignments in default PmWiki installations generally work throughout a site because links have been created in PmWiki skins and editing screens that incorporate access key parameters using the access key translation...
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10. Determining Browser Type and Version with JavaScript
... Determining Browser Vendor, Version, And Operating System With JavaScript . ... This sample code enables you to detect the browser's vendor, version number, and operating system. ... After you have checked the browser vendor and version, you can dynamically generate optimized HTML markup, and your JavaScript code can conditionally branch to execute JavaScript code optimized for the dynamically generated page or the current browser's vendor or version number. ... Version Number . Browser Version . ...
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11. HTML Tag Reference
... Invoking a CGI Program . ... To open a document in your browser, use a URL that specifies an absolute or relative location for the document. An absolute location has the form: . ... To open a local file in your web browser, use a URL that has the form: . ... mailto: address For example: . ... To specify a URL that invokes a CGI program, specify the location of the CGI program, followed by a query string which contains the arguments for the program. ...
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... Before opening the VNC viewer, you will need to SSH onto remote to start a VNC session on dataview, as described above. To do this open Secure Shell then either fill in you username in the username box, in the hostname box and 22 in the port box (this is the standard SSH port). You shouldn't need to fill in any more options, simply hit enter or click the [EMTER] Connect button to make you SSH connection. ... If you hit r , you will return to the login screen. ...
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13. Designated Observatory Application
The Astronomical Society of Australia has been asked by STANDARDS AUSTRALIA to compile a list of "designated" optical observatories that are valuable resources for (i) research, (ii) education and (iii) community use. The ASA is the final arbiter of whether any particular observatory is so designated. ... Upon receipt of your application form, your observatory will be entered on a list of "Pending Designated Observatories" on the ASA Home Page. ... It will be emailed for you. ... Email . ...
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14. Apache module mod_digest
This module provides for user authentication using MD5 Digest Authentication. ... Source File: mod_digest.c . ... This module implements an older version of the MD5 Digest Authentication specification. While suitable for most modern browsers, mod_digest is known to not work with Microsoft Internet Explorer. ... AuthDigestFile . ... Module: mod_digest . The AuthDigestFile directive sets the name of a textual file containing the list of users and encoded passwords for digest authentication. ...
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15. Amateur Telescope Makers of Boston
... January . February . March . April . ... November . December . ... April ((April Fools)) . ... April (Star Party Reports) . ... Copyright (c) Amateur Telescope Makers of Boston, Inc. ...
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16. recommended DFS development tools
DFS Department . Standard and recommended development tools . ... This tool is available on request from Helpdesk (except for the following machines: dfs3, dfs4 and dfs5, for which you have to contact Carlos ). ... Source Navigator IDE is recommended as a source code analysis and navigator tool for C, C++, Java, Tcl, [incr Tcl], FORTRAN and even COBOL on Linux:. ... webcheck is the DFS standard tool for archiving/retrieving DFS documents, web pages, Release Notes, schedules and ToDo lists. ...
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17. VizieR Catalogue Browser
If you already know the catalogue abbreviation or numbering, enter it below : . Alternatively you can find the catalogue by selecting wavelength or mission or other keys: (More on how to select catalogues) . ... Mission . ... A preliminary list of catalogues available in VizieR (still growing). The acronyms and symbols in use to designate astronomical catalogues in the literature are explained in the Dictionary of Nomenclature of Celestial Objects . Location : CDS Strasbourg, France . ...
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18. Meade USB to RS-232 (Serial) Adapter
STEP INTO THE BLUE - MEADE INSTRUMENTS PRODUCT GUIDE . ... Telescopes . LX850 Series . ... Superb optical performance coupled with time proven computerized pointing and tracking has made the LX200 ACF series a best-seller in the high-performance telescope class. ... Meade USB to RS-232 (Serial) Adapter . ... Meade USB to RS-232 (Serial) Adapter #07507. The USB to RS-232 Serial Adapter permits connection of any Meade telescope's RS-232 serial interface to a PC or laptops available USB Port. ...
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19. XMM-Newton Observation Log Browser
... XMM-Newton SOC Home Page Conferences & Meetings . News Latest News News Archive Newsletter Quarterly Status Report . ... Data Analysis SAS News What is SAS? ... Archive, Pipeline & Catalogues XMM-Newton Science Archive Pipeline Processing System Observation Data Status Time Correlation Fix Serendipitous Source Catalogue OM Serendipitous Source Catalogue Slew Survey Catalogue Latest Slew Results Browsing Interface for RGS Data Live Radiation Monitor Plots Radiation Monitor Files . ...
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20. Accesibility
... Planetarium Staff . ... Freedom of Information . ... The Armagh Planetarium website has been enabled to use BrowseAloud software. ... See the following instructions on how to increase the size of the text on any web page you are viewing. тАв Press ' Ctrl ' and ' + ' to increase the text size, ' Ctrl ' and ' - ' to decrease the text size. ... For information on changing the text size in older browsers and on different operating systems visit the BBC My Web My Way site for Windows, MAC and Linux . ...
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