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... A song written by Padi Boyd and performed by The Chromatics, specifically for the International Year of Astronomy. ... Armagh Observatory, 18th December 2008: Astronomers throughout the island of Ireland are marking the shortest day of the year, on 21st December, with a special live web-cast of the iconic moment when the rays of the rising sun shine directly into the 5,000 year-old burial chamber at Newgrange, County Meath. ... International Year of Astronomy, Ireland National Node . ...
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2. Fortran and Pascal
Fortran is a simple language . Fortran has always existed . Fortran compilers are generally available . Earlier the first programming language . ... Good at numerical analysis and technical calculations . ... A large number of programs and routines in Fortran are exchanged internationally . ... Fortran doesn't have reserved words, it has short identifiers, the identifiers do not have to be specified . ... Fortran programs are usually less well structured then Pascal programs . ...
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