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1. Armagh Observatory
... The European Union (EU) has granted 1.9 million euros to support a 6-country educational programme, based on Universe Awareness (UNAWE) . UNAWE is an International Astronomical Union (IAU) endorsed programme that uses the beauty and grandeur of the Universe to encourage young children, particularly those from an underprivileged background, to have an interest in science and technology and foster their sense of global citizenship from the earliest age. ... Universe Awareness website . ...
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3. Introduction
... John Backus in New Mexico, 1976 . ... Other manufacturers came later with Fortran compilers for their machines and in 1962 IBM introduced the extended Fortran IV, which was the base for the 1966 agreed American standard ANSI X3.9 - 1966. ... An HTML version of the Fortran 77 Standard is now available! ... The purpose of the work on a new standard version was to make Fortran usable and efficient language for scientific and technical computations during the nineties. ... Parallel execution . ...
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