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1. Armagh Observatory
... Armagh Observatory reports that December 2014 was cold and wet, but sunnier than average. ... The mean annual temperature was 10.16 degrees C, nearly half a degree warmer than the most recent 30-year (1981тАУ2010) annual average temperature at Armagh and more than one degree C warmer than the corresponding long-term (1796тАУ2010) annual average. 2014 was the warmest year at Armagh since 2011, and the 14th warmest on record, continuing the trend of relatively warm years during the past decade or so. ...
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2. Appendix 11, Computer Exercises
... A 11.2 Exercise 2 (Horner's scheme and files) . ... A 11.5 Exercise 5 (Linear systems of equations and files) This Appendix with Computer Exercises is also available in Swedish The source of this appendix is my complete Fortran 90 tutorial in Swedish, L robok i Fortran 90 . These computer exercises are small variants of those used at the teaching of Fortran at Link ping University, both for the students of technology and for the students in the mathematics and science program. ...
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