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1. MIT-GB catalog
... 105Lawrence+ Nearly 1000 sources from the 5 GHz MIT-Green Bank (MG) survey have been observed with the VLA. ... About 1000 sources, selected as described in IIa from a prelimenary version of the MIT-GB I catalog, have been observed with VLA. ... About 20 sources observed at the VLA are within the MG sky area and above the 106 mJy completeness limit, even allowing for the large flux-density errors in the preliminary list, but do not appear in the MG catalog. ... 1 Source name in IAU B1950.0 format. ...
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2. Search for distant radio galaxies in SAO
... The search for distant objects which can be both galaxies and quasars is one of the most important problems of observational astrphysics, because it allows one to determine cosmological parameters connected with the time of appearence and evolution of stellar systems, large scale structure of the Universe. ... Radio galaxies are important objects to be studied because they are sources of infrared-optical-ultraviolet continuum, emission lines and continual radio emission. ...
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3. Galaxy sector, archive 2012
... Contacts . 2012: . ... We refined the fundamental parameters of the components, the orbital periods, and the conditions of photospheric heating of the secondary component by the ultraviolet radiation of the hot component. ... The observations of the star clusters associated with ultra-luminous x-ray sources (ULXs) in four galaxies on the 6-meter and VLT telescopes have shown that all the ULXs are located within 200pc of very young star clusters (younger than 5 million years). ... Archive . ...
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4. Group for study of galaxies and cosmology, history
... In LABORATORY OF RADIO ASTROPHYSICS OF SPECIAL ASTROPHYSICAL OBSERVATORY OF RAS . ... History . ... Current problems of the group research interests: . study for cosmic microwave background, . study of radio galaxies (identification, evolution, statistical investigation of population), . investigation of the RATAN-600 antenna, . observations in the survey mode with RATAN-600 and their analysis, . creation of the software for data analysis. vo @ ( Oleg Verkhodanov ) ...
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... Corresponding gates in each row are connected in parallel at both edges of the array. ... Other gates. ... otherwise indicated, 45 kpixels/sec and standard voltages using a dual slope CDS circuit (8 µs integration time) Minimum Format Pixel Size Imaging Area Dark current (MPP), 20° C equivalent Readout noise Front Back Full Well signal Output gain CTE per pixel Typical 512 x 512 pixels 24 µm x 24 µm 12.3 mm x 12.3 mm 50 pa/cm2 5 electrons 7 electrons 350,000 electrons 1.5 µV/ electron 0 ...
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