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Modeling Hydrogen-Rich Wolf-Rayet Stars in M33 O LGA M A RY E VA Stavropol State University, Stavropol, Russia; ABSTRACT Most massive stars spend a short time as a Luminous Blue Variables (LBVs) before becoming WN stars. Detailed relations between LBV, WN and hydrogen-rich WN (WNH) stars are poorly known. ... We present the results of a spectral variability study of two very luminous stars in the M33 galaxy ­ LBV V532 and late WN star (possibly, dormant LBV) FSZ35. ...
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2. HyperLEDA documentation: parameter: brief
The parameter brief (with its actual uncertainty sbrief) is the mean effective surface brightness in B-band , i.e. the mean surface brightness inside the effective aperture (the circular aperture enclosing one-half the total flux). It is expressed in mag arcsec -2 . ... 2) from the mean surface brightness "LV" inside the effective isophote (elliptical isophote enclosing one half the total flux) measured by Launberts&Valentijn (1989) . ... Effective radius . ... HyperLeda . ...
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3. Lack of Dwarf Galaxies in the Local Volume Compared to Conventional Cosmology
... The sample of the Local Volume galaxies (distance smaller than 10 Mpc) gives a unique opportunity to study the properties of galaxies including the weakest objects: the absolute magnitude M B -10 and the virial mass M vir 10 9 M x263C;. ... Luminosity function of the Local Volume galaxies. ... The luminosity functions for galaxies are presented: red dashed line - from the 2dFGRS survey (Norberg et al. 2002); blue dash-dotted line - from the SDSS survey (Blanton et al. ...
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4. Informational system "Evolution of RG"
The project of the informational system creation on the problem of evolution of radio galaxies, as a part of the "Big Trio" project aimed on studing of distant radio galaxies, is designed. This system allows a user to operate with simulated curves of spectral energy distributions (SED) to estimate ages and redshifts by photometry data. Authors use SEDs of several models for different types of galaxies. ... The HTTP and e-mail access is organized to this system. ...
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... Corresponding gates in each row are connected in parallel at both edges of the array. ... Other gates. ... otherwise indicated, 45 kpixels/sec and standard voltages using a dual slope CDS circuit (8 µs integration time) Minimum Format Pixel Size Imaging Area Dark current (MPP), 20° C equivalent Readout noise Front Back Full Well signal Output gain CTE per pixel Typical 512 x 512 pixels 24 µm x 24 µm 12.3 mm x 12.3 mm 50 pa/cm2 5 electrons 7 electrons 350,000 electrons 1.5 µV/ electron 0 ...
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