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Hotel "69 Parallel" - Twin standard room

24.10.2013 13:33

In hotel there is a laundry for convenience of guests.

22.08.2013 12:20

The hotel т??69th Parallelт?? is glad to present its renewed website which now has an option of online booking!

Feel free to share your opinion about us ...

Room price:

Single occupancy т?? 2 400 rub./day
Double occupancy т?? 2 400 rub./day


200 rub./person

Quantity of rooms: 22
Room area: 20 sq.m.
 In room:

- Two bads (the size 90*200) with bed-side tables
- a sliding wardrobe with mirror
- a wide desktop

- a color TV
- a cable television
- a phone
- bed-clothes from 100% cotton
- a hall-stand with mirror
- a sponge and small shoe horn
 In a bathroom:

- shower area
- a built-in cabinet with mirror and illumination
- a dispenser with liquid soap
- floor heating

- set of towels for a two

 The additional information :
Electricity 220 V
If it is necessary, we can give you free of charge a hair dryer, an iron, an ironing table, a teapot, dishes, sewing kit.